Spring Moss Frame

Hi! It’s Susan from Oh My! Creative here to share with you my simple Spring Moss Frame! Have you tried working with moss mat? I hadn’t either until earlier this year and I just love it. Definitely a bit messy so be prepared for that, but looks really cool applied to anything! Perfect for a Spring craft!

I am one of those people who likes to reuse things. I have a hard time throwing anything away that I think I might find a new use for or possibly craft something out of it…you should see my basement!! I need to get organized!  Anyway, I was down in the basement cleaning out {a little} and I came upon this St. Patrick’s Day Moss Art Frame I created for my mantle in March. I was still admiring it and thought to myself…I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to change this up a little so I can enjoy it for Spring! Off I went to the craft store… Just a few simple steps and I was enjoying my moss frame again!

Spring Moss Frame  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


1 Package Moss Mat  |  Frame  |  Small Floral Bunch  |  Hot Glue  |  Scissors  |  Tape

Spring Moss Frame  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM Floral Tape  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

The stems on my flower bunch was a little too long so I trimmed them with garden clippers and used floral tape to hold them together. I then took a few strands of raffia and wrapped that overtop of the tape tying the raffia in a bow.

St. Patrick's Day Glitter Shamrock Moss Art | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM #StPatricksDay

First, I laid the moss mat over the top of the frame and cut it with scissors to fit the inside of the frame.

St. Patrick's Day Glitter Shamrock Moss Art | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM #StPatricksDay

I decided the best way to attach the moss to the front of the frame was with hot glue. To make it easy to remove (if I wanted to use the frame for something else) I placed masking tape on the glass in all four corners. I then put a dot of hot glue on the tape and pressed the moss mat firmly to the hot glue. In the past, I have been able to remove hot glue from glass, but to make it easy this time, I can peel the masking tape off and the glue with it! Easy!

Spring Moss Frame  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM 3.jpg

The nice thing about decorating for spring is that it can carry right over into summer! Stop over and say hello at Oh My! Creative.

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Hope your day is Creative!


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