S’mores Back to School Teacher Gift

It’s almost time to send your kiddies back to school so why not send them back with this S’mores Back to School Teacher Gift.

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Soon our kids will be going back to school and if I know anything about school, the first week can be a little hectic. I remember when my oldest daughter started kindergarten her teacher looked worn out by the end of the first week. She told me that the first week is always very tiring. What better way than to give your child’s teacher a little pick me up than by bringing her (or him) their every own s’mores.

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You don’t always need a fire pit or campfire to enjoy s’mores. You can just put them together and pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and you have yourself a delicious, ooey-gooey s’more! If they’re so inclined they can have it as a little afternoon snack while the class is at their special.


To pull off this simple back to school teacher gift, all you need is graham crackers, chocolate ( I used the small Hershey bars) and marshmallows. They sell these somewhat flat, square marshmallows now that are made just for s’mores. If you can find those, they are great. If not, the regular round marshmallows will do just fine. I’ve created adorable gift tags with a witty back to school saying:

Teacher, I’m excited to get “s’more” knowledge this year.

S'mores Back to School Tags

Click HERE to download Free Printable Tags

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  1. So cute, Diana! I love this and I’m sure the teachers will too. Pinning!

  2. This is so cute!Love it! I am definitely downloading and printing!Can`t wait to show this to my friends!!


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