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In light of recent events over in Haiti, I feel like the least I could do is bring an awareness to a way that we can help. An old friend from high school runs an organization called First Response Team of America and here is what he posted on Facebook:

Dear Friends,

Please tune in tonight to CNN at 10:25 pm when I’ll be speaking to Don Lemon about our upcoming response to the earthquake in Haiti.

When a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti just 4 days ago, the First Response Team of America watched in awe as tens of thousands of people were killed and so many more displaced. The pain, confusion, sadness and despair are beyond what words can explain. Due to the country’s existing oppressed state helping themselves was not an option.

In the days immediately after the quake, I struggled with deciding whether or not responding to the needs of Haiti would jeopardize our commitment to respond to disasters in the United States with the imminent 2010 storm season starting next month. We are a young organization and want to grow at a controlled pace. But at the end of the day, our focus is on humanity. International service was always a part of our long range plan; we just didn’t expect it so soon. And how could we turn our backs on such an epic disaster, so close to home, that has left a large portion of Haiti wondering if there will ever be another tomorrow.

Within a few short days we have commissioned a new fleet of equipment that is specifically designed for the needs of Haiti. So many of you know our resources are extremely unique and task specific for storms that leave cities beyond repair. In the last two years of responding to 26 of the largest disasters to strike the states, we have learned what is needed. We must and will respond to the needs of our fellow man.

Presently, we are working around the clock to get the fleet ready as well as secure the necessary shipping. At this point we will have the fleet ready in the coming days, but securing a spot for such massive equipment with each rig weighing over 100,000 pounds has not been easy. However, we are confident that when a spot opens our gear will be on board and ready to make a significant contribution to Haiti in a time when all seems lost.

Our goal is to use our gear to open up roads so that food, water, and medical supplies can reach those who need them regardless of what obstacle may be in the way. We will also use our specialized equipment to dig graves and clear sites for hospitals, schools, and orphanages.

We can help, therefore we must. Please support our efforts as moving and running equipment of this magnitude is not inexpensive to say the least. We need your help to help Haiti. We encourage you to forward this and our website on to as many people as you can.


Thank you for your financial and moral support. We will need it. Please join the Team’s page in order to stay up-to-date on the Team’s activity while in Haiti.

I encourage you to check out THIS page of their website for history about the organization.

Thanks for listening guys. 🙂

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  1. I turned the tv on at 10:25 and never saw him. 🙁 Maybe he was on earlier? Yeah, his team can be of so much help there. He’s just what they need. So proud of him too. 🙂

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