Princess Carriage Planter {create memories with kids}

I’m so honored to be sharing my Princess Carriage Planter here on The Girl Creative! My blogging home is Reasons To Skip The Housework – and Creating Memories with Kids is an important topic for me because I spent 12 years teaching 2nd and 3rd grade before becoming a full-time mom and blogger. I was the kind of teacher who created memories instead of worksheets. I was a hands-on teacher, and I strive to be a hands-on mom too! It’s harder than you’d think – coming up with ideas to keep kids happy and entertained each and every day. I’ve been loving the ideas during this Creating Memories with Kids series, and I’ve been quickly adding to my TO DO list every day!

princess carriage flower planter

My daughter is a girly girl – the princess who’s always wearing tutus and ball gowns. However, she’s the girly girl who wears princess dresses in the dirt to dig and make mud! Love this kid! She loves flowers, princesses, and princess carriages, so I knew when this post opportunity came up that I wanted to find a Princess Carriage to turn into a planter. It wasn’t easy – let me tell you….I see old princess carriages in Goodwill all…the…time. {when I DON’T need one} but then, once I’m searching for one…NOTHING…anywhere….at….all.. I searched 3 Goodwills and a Savers, and then finally…as if it dropped out of the sky, the PERFECT carriage showed up in a side room of SAVERS.


princess carriage flower planter

We grabbed potting soil, flowers, and a shovel.

This carriage already had a few holes in the bottom, but if there weren’t any holes, I would have drilled 3-4 small holes in the bottom for draining.


princess carriage flower planter

I put a small amount of potting soil into the bottom of the carriage and then filled up Sami’s bucket with potting soil. She used the shovel to fill up the carriage with soil. I made a small hole in the soil and then gave her the flower to put in the hole.

princess carriage flower planter

After nestling the flower in the hole with some additional soil, Sami watered all of the flowers with a watering can.

princess flower planter

Finally, Cinderella and The Prince were added for some final touches and the planter was ready to perch on the porch {after a little zooming around the porch first!}

princess flower planter

The perfect idea for a quick idea to do with your kids, that gives them a chance to be outside as well! For boys, you could use an old dump truck or a wagon! More ideas for the girly girls…why not plant mini flowers in small teacups and place around the patio? So many options!

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