Monster and Mummy Halloween Pops

Monster and Mummy Halloween Pops are so easy to make and your kids will love them!

Mummy and Monster Halloween Pops - Super easy party treat to make for Halloween. No baking required. Made with rich, homemade fudge!

Man, oh man. I totally thought that once all of my kids were in school I’d have tons of time to do everything I wanted and needed to do. Ummmm, so not the case.  I did manage to work on a few little projects though that I’ll be sharing this week.

Mummy and Monster Halloween Pops

First up are these easy Monster and Mummy Halloween Pops. I’m sure you’ve seen something similar but these are made with homemade fudge. No baking is required and you can whip them up pretty quickly.

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Wilton Candy Eyes

Light Green Candy Melts (I found mine in Michael’s and Walmart)

Bright White Candy Melts

Chocolate Sprinkles (Jimmies)

Festive Paper Straws

8×8 Cake Pan

Full Sheet Labels (if you want to add the printable tags)

Pastry Bags

Mummy and Monster Halloween Pops - Super easy party treat to make for Halloween. No baking required. Made with rich, homemade fudge!

I followed this recipe for the fudge. Once the fudge had set in the fridge, I cut it into squares. This worked out perfect for the monsters. They kind of look like Frankenstein, right? For the mummies I rolled my fudge into balls.

Next I melted a bit of chocolate, dipped the end of the straws into it (I cut my paper straws in half for this project) and then stuck them into my fudge squares and balls. I popped them on a tray and put them in the freezer for maybe 15-20 minutes.

Following the package instructions I melted the chocolate. I did the monsters first and then the mummies. I covered my squares in green chocolate. They don’t have to be perfect and smooth – they are monsters after all. I added a set of candy eyes and sprinkled the top with chocolate sprinkles.

For the mummies I dipped the balls into white melted chocolate and added the eyes. Using a disposable pastry bag, I used the remaining melted white chocolate and drizzled chocolate over the mummy pops. No rhyme or reason to any of it. Once they were all complete, I returned them to the fridge so the chocolate could harden.

Of course no project from The Girl Creative is complete without free printables so I created these cute “Boo!” flags. You’ll want to print those out onto full sheet labels.

Printable Halloween "Boo" flags

Download Printable Here Button

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