Free Hello Summer SVG Cut Files

This Hello Summer SVG Cut File is giving off retro vibes and creating shirts, tote bags and more with this free design couldn’t be more fun. Grab your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo, your favorite craft blank and let’s go.

Cream color tshirt with retro summer design

Every third Thursday of the month I get together with some blog friends and we create unique SVG designs JUST FOR YOU! They are always FREE whether you download them today or a year from now. Each month we choose a theme and then get to work. This month’s theme is SUMMER!

Collage of Summer Themed SVG Cut files

hello summer svg for silhouette and cricut

The weather is heating up and finally, FINALLY, we can put our cold weather clothes away. If you’ve put on a few pandemic pounds and need to add some roomier clothes to your summer wardrobe, then this post is just what you need.

DIY shirts have come a long way, am I right? I have vivid memories of getting homemade shirts from my nana with designs that she’d cut from fabric and use Wunder Under to iron them on.

I remember helping make t-shirts for a church volleyball tournament using puffy fabric paint.

Hello Summer Tshirt in Pastel Colors

Now we have tools like the Silhouette Cameo and Cricut and materials like heat transfer vinyl. We have sublimation printers and DIY screen printing techniques that take homemade shirts to a whole new level. Goodness, I love technology and all of it’s advancements.

how to use printable heat transfer vinyl with an injket printer

In the past when I’ve shared free SVGs for Silhouette and Cricut, I’ve often shared how to make shirts using heat transfer vinyl. With this free Hello Summer SVG, I’m going to share how easy it is to make a shirt with this design using PRINTABLE Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Important note: this is NOT a sublimation tutorial although you can use these files for sublimation if you have the know-how and supplies.

I will be giving instructions using Silhouette Studio Software, Business Edition

If you aren’t interested in this tutorial and just want the SVG download, click the button below to skip to that part.


Blank Tshirt

Printable HTV

Iron, Easy Press or Heat Press


Hello Summer SVG (available for download at the bottom)

STEP ONE: Open up your Retro Hello Summer SVG in Silhouette Studio Software. You will need Designer Edition or higher to open an SVG. If need be adjust the page settings to 8.5×11 and resize image to fit.

STEP TWO: I used Printable HTV for light colored shirts (as opposed to printable HTV for dark shirts – they are 2 different things and work differently) so I mirrored my image. If you choose a light colored shirt, you will need to do this too.

STEP THREE: Since you’ll be printing this design out first, you will need to turn on the registration marks. Make sure the design does not touch the edges of the registration marks.

Note: I know the photo above is confusing since the design is not mirrored and we made sure to mirror the image in step 2. It doesn’t actually matter when you mirror the image as long as its done prior to printing (or cutting if you’re using regular HTV).

STEP FOUR: Send your design to your printer and print. I set my print quality to “best” so that the print is nice and crisp.

STEP FIVE: Now that you have your design all printed out on Printable HTV, it’s time to cut the design out. Important Note: You are NOT cutting out each element of the design. You are only cutting the outer edge. I made it super easy for you by including a file that has a thin black offset line around the design to make cutting easy.

In the SEND menu you want to be on the LINE tab. Here you will see all the colors in your design with a check next to them. Uncheck every box but the black box. This will ensure that only the edge of the design gets cut out.

For MATERIALS, choose Heat Transfer Vinyl, Printable. Remember for this tutorial I’m using the printable HTV for light colors. Do a test cut and make sure the settings are correct. Sometimes they need tweaking. My test cut worked great. The only thing I changed was the speed. I moved it down just one, just to be on the safe side.

STEP SIX: Once your design is cut out, weed the excess around the design so that all you are left with is the design on the carrier sheet.

STEP SEVEN: Following the instructions on the Printable HTV packaging, press your design onto your blank shirt using your household iron or heat press. Important Note: If you have any white in your design, white will not transfer to your shirt. The white in your design will be replaced by the color of your shirt.

I know there are a lot of steps but this really is SO much easier than cutting out each color from HTV and pressing each piece individually.

free summer cut files

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