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A little something going on over at Me Sew Crazy called Pattern Remix…

The premise was to assemble a bunch of bloggers who liked to sew, and have them give a pattern they know and loved the Remix. Turning an oldie but goodie into something new and fabulous.

To say the turn out has been amazing would be quite the understatement! It has turned into a month-long Series, with some of the most wonderful bloggers around joining in on the fun!

Here are the 4 new patterns I was able to contribute during the month-long event:

Patterns are such a wonderful way to learn how to sew clothes, as they walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. It is what got me started, and how I found my passion. The more comfortable you get wielding that thread and needle, the more you find yourself growing and finding what works for you. You start to learn different techniques, and find yourself not following the directions as much because you already know how they achieved a certain look or style. Which inevitably leads to changing patterns to suit your own creative desires or needs, until one day you realize you have made something for yourself from scratch. It can be the most wonderful feeling seeing how far you have come, from learning how to straight stitch to creating your own pattern.

I want to inspire others to think outside the box. To continue learning with patterns, as they are the true professionals and almost always leave you with perfect results. To continue reading blogs with content so readily available now that show and teach all the new techniques which you can apply to your learning. But most importantly, I want to say to those beginner sewers – don’t give up!

Just 5 years ago I couldn’t sew a straight line without my thread getting all tangled up. And when I finally figured that obstacle out, every item I made I was so disappointed in – because the end quality didn’t live up to my store-bought standards, I would wad them up into a ball and throw them in the corner…disgusted with my lack of ability. Somehow, with the grace of God, I persevered and can finally say that I am proud to see my children in the clothes I make for them.

They still might have wonky hem-lines at times, an edge stitching may not be as perfect as I would have liked, or I can see that I may want to take a seam in or out an inch or two here or there. But when I hear them say full of pride “My Mommy made it” when a person compliments them on their dress, there is no other feeling of fulfillment in your life’s passion quite like it. It quite simply, makes my heart soar.

So go ahead, let us inspire you! If you are new to sewing, try patterns out and don’t give up! If you are an experienced pattern sewer, try thinking outside the box. And if you are already making up your own designs, keep pressing on and inspiring the rest of us!

Our final week of Pattern Remix is going on over at Me Sew Crazy now. This week we have Lindsey from the Cottage Home, Destri from The Mother Huddle, Susan from Living with Punks, and Ashley from the Handmade Home dropping in, and you won’t want to miss what they have in store for us. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and until next time – Happy Sewing 🙂

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