I’m a little late to the party but Silhouette is having a HUGE black Friday sale and I have the scoop!

So, Black Friday. Who ventured out today? Score any good sales? I did not do the whole Thanksgiving night deal but my girls asked me to take them to the mall this afternoon and I managed to get a $225 coat for $64 at JC Penney. Works for me! My shopping trip was pretty uneventful until some lady went off on me at Target. Apparently me and my 2 girls kept getting in her way and she had enough. “You’re not the only one with kids ya know.” “Are you talking to me?” “Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you.” Yikes!! Whatevs. lol

Anyhow, Silhouette. Yes, that’s the reason for this post. Big, HUGE black Friday sale going on at Silhouette. Here’s the deets:


  • 30% OFF OF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE (excludes the Cameo, downloads and gift cards)  If you use code: GIRLCREATIVE at checkout then your discount will be 40% off!!




The Cameo is located on a special secret page and it has also been marked down to $250 (that’s a $50 savings). *You must use code GIRLCREATIVE to get that special price though! Click HERE to get there.

NOTE: They are fully expecting the Black Friday stock of Cameo’s to sell out so if you are on the fence, GO FOR IT! Really, the possibilities are endless with this machine. You can use it for just about every craft adventure you can conjure up in that creative mind of yours.

If you already own a Cameo, take advantage of the 40% off and stock up on some supplies. I know that’s what I’m going to do.

Sale will continue from November 25 through November 28.


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  1. AngelaRose says:

    I went shopping. Got to Target around 4am and missed the crazy rush. Got some DVDs for a pretty good deal, CDs for $5.99 and then ventured into the mall. Spent $72 in B&BW and got $151 in free stuff!

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