Halloween Bark {Leftover Halloween Candy Idea}

Halloween is in less than 2 weeks and now is the time to get some ideas on how to use all of that leftover Halloween candy you will have on hand. I’ve gotten together with a few of my amazing blog  friends and we’ve come up with 6 creative ideas for leftover Halloween candy. I’m going to share a few tips on how I made my  Halloween Bark and at the end of this post I will provide you with links to the 5 other uses for leftover Halloween candy.

Halloween Bark Recipe
For “ingredients” you will need leftover Halloween Candy of course (whatever kind you have), candy corn, Halloween Oreos, festive sprinkles and some white chocolate chips.

leftover halloween candy

Take a cookie sheet and line it with aluminum foil. Break up your cookies and candy and spread it all out on your cookie sheet. Take your candy corn and sprinkle those in as well. I’ve seen this recipe done with pretzels so if you have any, you can crunch those up and add it to the mix. This is what it should look like once you are done with that part.

crushed up halloween candy

Next you are going to take your white chocolate chips and melt them.

This is how I melted mine: I used one of the big bags of Nestle White Chocolate Chips (I think it was 24 ounces) and poured half of it in a microwaveable bowl. I started off by microwaving it for 45 seconds. After I took the bowl out, it didn’t look like any of the chips had melted but once I stirred it with a spoon I noticed that they had gotten a little bit soft. After the initial 45 seconds, I microwaved the chips in increments of 15 seconds. After each 15 seconds, I stirred. After a few times your chips will be all melted and then you can pour it over your cookie sheet of candy. I poured it over just half of the sheet and then spread the melted chocolate to cover that side. I took the rest of my chips melted them the same way and did the rest of the cookie sheet. Once the whole sheet was covered in melted chocolate, I sprinkled yellow sprinkles on top.

halloween bark

Put your tray in your freezer and allow everything to set. I believe mine was frozen in about 45 minutes. I didn’t watch the clock but I don’t think it took very long.  Take your foil off the cookie sheet and then just start breaking pieces off. There is no rhyme or reason to this part, just break wherever.

halloween bark from leftover halloween candy

Delicious!!! I stashed mine in zip lock bags and tossed them back in the freezer for easy reach.

6 Ways to use leftover halloween candy

For more creative ideas for using leftover Halloween candy, check out these links below!

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  1. YUM-O sounds good to me. This way I don’t have to pick & choose what candy- I can get several all in one or two bites šŸ™‚

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