Oh Baby! It is hot outside – let’s make POPSICLES!!!

Prettiest pops I’ve ever seen!

This summer feels hotter to me than last year…the heat is just hanging around, we haven’t gotten a break! Running through the sprinkler is a great choice, but then you get all wet and bits of grass all over your feet…so we’ve opted to making popsicles at least a few times a week.
I got my boring popsicle molds at Target for around $4, but there are tons of choices out there…(I’m secretly longing for the white chunky ones from Zoku for $50!) and I’ve listed a few of them below (all found on Amazon, just click the pic to go to that link).

Even if you don’t have a mold, you can create delicious, healthy (or not) homemade ice treats for yourself and family. The kids love the entire process…so let them help!
A personal favorite is a mixture of orange juice and vanilla yogurt. We usually freeze the vanilla yogurt first and then add the juice so it is a 50/50 bar. This is awesome for a low sugar treat.

Plain juice, or homemade lemonade are great quick ingredients to your pops. Getting fancy is fun too: get out sprinkles, chocolate sauce, cake batter, cookie dough, jello pudding, fresh juice, smoothies, cocktails …whatever makes you feel cool…just freeze it and lick!  There are some amazing ideas for a cake batter and yogurt popsicle, and various cocktails pops at MmmPop, a really cute little blog all about homemade popsicles.

If you’re desperate for cool, try freezing something yummy in ice cube trays and then blending to make a “snow cone”…easy peasy!  Stay safe and cool for the rest of the summer!

Some of my fave popsicle molds:

Affordable popsicle mould option, makes 8 pops at a time!
These are super cute to make for baby!
Faux ice cream cones…perfect for those who can’t eat real ice cream
Super cool “volcano” effect – add toppings in the middle!

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  1. Love those! Makes me want to get creative in the kitchen without dying of heat exhaustion.

  2. Love all those ideas! I’m going to check out the popsicle blog….who knew! Thanks for sharing! I tweeted!

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