Add a little fun Easter decor to your home with this easy Monogram Easter Egg.

Monogram Easter Egg | The Girl Creative Simple and easy Easter decor project using faux egg and paint.

A few weeks ago while on one of my many weekly trips to Target I came across this faux egg for $3.00. It was the only white one left so I snatched it up knowing that it would make a cute addition to my Easter decor. I’m pretty sure they are still available so if you go this week, you can snatch one up to.


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Faux Egg


Craft Paint in various colors

Round Tip Foam Brushes

Monogram Easter Egg-before

  • Take your egg and free hand a letter with fine tip Sharpie marker. Go over your letter a few times and add a little flare.
  • Once your letter is drawn give it a little character by adding some dots around it using various sharpies. This part is optional but I think it gives it a little something extra.

Monogram Easter Egg-no dots

  • Lastly squirt some craft paint on a paper plate and using your round tip foam brushes create polka dots all over your egg. I tried to do a pattern of some sort but wound up just filling in the white spaces as I went. You can really do whatever you want with this. Whatever you decide, it will come out great.

Monogram Easter Egg-no text

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