We all want to be creative right? But sometimes it just doesn’t come to us easily.  I thought I’d point you to some sites that I find inspirational that also help me save money.  There are hundreds of sites out there of course…this is a mere drop in the bucket!

It’s also a great idea to make a list.  I have a list (sometimes in my head, sometimes on paper) that details items I am needing or wanting for my home or possibly someone else’s home.  Furniture, draperies, gardening supplies and plants, children’s toys and decor…write it all down.  So when you are shopping that flea market your eye is looking for specific things.


The Girl Creative, #1.  Oh good you’re here! Check out the Must Reads in the sidebar here.

DIY Network – a great place to find out how to do something…construction, painting, gardening…there’s videos too!

Bargain Hoot – a cutie of a blog that offers great sources for bargains and more!

Ikea Hacker – making new things out of Ikea products, ideas submitted by readers.

Ikea is very easy to spot from the freeway!
Ikea.com – you might want to check out any promotions Ikea is having.  Sometimes they offer giftcards with purchase.  Sadly the closest Ikea to me now is Chicago.  Uh…can someone please notify the Ikea people that I have moved!?

Also, have you ever checked the “As-is” section at Ikea? The one in Burbank has some amazing deals! Dented furniture, slightly marked fabrics, bits and pieces – really cheap! Last summer I saw corner sofa slipcovers for about $80 still in the package! These run about $199+ new.

– color palette generator for pictures you find on the internet.

Decor8 – a collection of great ideas and cute things to make and HausMaus by the same gal.

Love Lyzz – Lyzz has some great ideas on using everyday items in unusual ways. She’s got cute style too!

Country Living Jane Dagmi
– really really neat ideas and pretty things everywhere.

Cottage Glamour – a lovely read and sweet ideas.

It’s Great To Be Home… – a wonderfully useful DIY site that will inspire you!

Just Beachy – love this site, this gal is super incredible when it comes to doing it herself.

How About Orange – easy things to make and buy.

Thrifty Decor Chick   – so many ideas, you’ll have to write all this down!

Online Magazines – check out a great list of E-zines at The Blog Guidebook. These are mostly free and very up to date on what’s happening in the design, decor and fashion world.


These are so much fun to spend an hour walking through and seeing how much amazing stuff is in the world.  It’s also exhausting, so limit your time there…you’ll thank me and so will your pocketbook! Look for the darkest corner of the store and that’s where they usually put the bargains.  I recently saw an iron vintage bed for $30!
I know some readers don’t live in Flea Market areas…try swapmeets.  Local swapmeets sometimes have a minimal charge to enter, but you will find some great bargains.  Heard of the famous Rose Bowl Swap Meet?  I’ve been there.  It’s huge and hot and takes hours and hours to go through.  Plus it cost up to $20 to get in.  If you’re ever in Pasadena, CA, try to go on the first Sunday of each month, but take a cart and some friends.  There’s great inspiration there, even if you don’t buy it all.

Hughes Estate Sales, Craigslist, Kijiji, yard sales, friends getting rid of stuff, look up estate sale companies in your area and see if they have mark down days. You don’t have to stop at all the garage sales you see…just do a drive by and only stop if you see something on your list.

Just found this through Ebay Classified!

You can paint anything…really! If it’s ugly spray paint it vintage white and you’re set! Keep an eye out for spray paint on sale at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and the other paint stores.

If you’re looking for bargain paint, look at Lowes, Home Depot and Osh (or your local hardware store)for their “seconds” paint. It is usually $5 per gallon or less. These are the ones that didn’t get mixed properly or were the wrong color that someone ordered etc. I have gotten a lot of white paint there. Plus you can mix your own from all these.  I have even seen 5 gallon buckets of house paint for $30!

I’ll keep my bloggy eyes open for more bargains too!  Have a great weekend getting creative!

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