Law Enforcement Cut Files for Silhouette and Cricut

Law Enforcement is very near to my heart. I am, after all, married to a police officer. I designed this set of Law Enforcement Cut Files that can be used with the Silhouette or Cricut cutting machines. Continue below for a little bit of a personal post, with download links at the bottom.

Law Enforcement Cut Files for Cricut and Silhouette | Free Police Cut Files | Law Enforcement SVGs

My husband and I met right before he went into the police academy. We spent half of our engagement apart while he completed the academy and went on to complete field training for 12 weeks. We didn’t get to spend a ton of time together. Heck, we didn’t even get a honeymoon. He got 2 days off of work for the wedding, finished the last few days of training and we headed  north.  2+ hours away from friends and family and anything familiar to us, we started our life together. That was over 15 years ago.

I don’t know what it was but I kind of always had a feeling I’d wind up marrying a police officer. No one in my family was in law enforcement. I don’t think I even knew anyone who was a cop but I just had that feeling. Maybe it was God’s way of somehow preparing me for the life of a law enforcement wife.

In all my years of marriage God has always given me a peace about my husband’s job. I’m not a worrier. I know his job is dangerous but I also know that God is in control. He cares about my husband way more than I do and I trust Him that He “has his 6”. I also know that God has been the one to sustain me and my family when my husband has had to work long hours on a case and has been gone from home.

Law Enforcement Cut Files

I decided to create these 6 Law Enforcement Cut Files because I’m a PROUD law enforcement wife and I’m PROUD of the work my husband does. He sees the lowest of lows and some of the most heinous crimes. It takes a special kind of person to do this job. It’s tough. They can’t unsee what they see. They know that walking out the door each day means the possibility of not walking back in. They put their lives on the line day in and day out for complete strangers. And believe me when I say, they can NOT leave their work at work. It affects them in ways you can’t imagine.

So, in a world where it seems that the police are not viewed in a positive light as much as they used to be, I’m going to use my little piece of the internet to share these designs in support of all police officers. Whether you are town police, state police, county police, sheriff’s department, city police – you are amazing. Thank you for your service and for your sacrifice. For the law enforcement mamas, wives, husbands and families – thank you for your sacrifice and for holding it all together at home. This mama and blogger will back the blue any day of the week and I Got Your 6, always.

This collection of cut files includes the following 6 designs:

I Got Your 6, Always

Law Enforcement SVG I Got Your 6

Back the Blue

Law Enforcement Back the Blue

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Law Enforcement Wifey

Law Enforcement Hubby

Law Enforcement Kiddo

Click below to download one zipped file which includes all 6 designs in PDF, JPG and SVG formats. Please be sure to view our usage and copyright information.

To see our ENTIRE cut file collection click below.

short evening gown


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  1. Rhonda Lee Bourke says:

    Thank You so much for your beautiful designs. May God Bless you and Your Law Enforcement Family!

  2. Thank you so much. Being a wife of a police officer I appreciate these files. Thank your husband for his service and please tell him to be safe out there.

    1. Thank you so much, Martha!! Likewise. šŸ™‚ XO

  3. An Heeren says:

    Thank you for the files! Let’s get crafting!!

  4. Jennifer Gann says:

    As the wife of a 24 year veteran of our local pd, Thank You!!! I have a hard time finding LE SVG’s these days.

    1. Please thank your husband for his service to all those in your community. It’s no easy tasking being an LEO (or the wife of one). XXOO

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