Hey folks, it’s me Jenn from A Jennuine Life again.  This month I’m not sharing a project I’ve made – gasp!  Instead, my daughters (okay, I helped a little!) created these bright and fun paper flowers.


I took a great post which was shared recently at at my weekly Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays linky party as inspiration and changed it up to make it a kid-friendly craft.  All you need is some cardstock, crayons, buttons, wire, and a willing kidlet (or two).

Cut strips of cardstock – mine were 3 – 3.5″ x 12″ and set their creativity free!  My younger daughter Hadley mostly added some pointillist accents to her papers, and Arden set to work filling her strips with one color at a time.

Once the strips are decorated to their liking, make parallel cuts into the long end, leaving about an inch uncut.  Arden did this all by herself on her strips and did a really great job!



I let her dig through my button jar and strung the button on the wire through two of the holes.  On a later one I used a button with a shank and I really like how that one turned out!
Arden had a try at rolling her fringed strip…
But that worked best as a Mommy job.  With the decorated side to the inside, roll tightly around the button + wire.  I started out with floral tape to keep it closed and wrap the wire, but later found that washi tape worked a lot better and was way cuter, to boot!  Curl or roll the “petals” to the outside of the flower – the original post has a wonderful video tutorial and you can see how she curled hers back.

All done!  I’ll admit that I had to finish up a few of these.  The lure of the swing set in the backyard was just too much…

Hadley found playing with buttons more fun than coloring after a short stint.

I really enjoyed spending some crafty time outdoors with my two daughters.  Thanks for having me again this month, Diana!  If you enjoyed this craft, I’ve got plans to make the glass container into something a whole lot more fun!  Drop by to check that and my other projects out at A Jennuine Life.


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  1. Ginny Pokorny says:

    What a fun craft. Can’t wait to do this with my granddaughters!

  2. This is the second time, I’ve landed on your website, now when Google itself is jumping me to your site for craft ideas, I think I should subscribe to you.

    This is really great idea for paper flowers! Keep sharing, thanks.

  3. Love this! I found this post last night and my boys and I made them this afternoon for my mom’s birthday coming up. So fun! Thank you!

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