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The holidays are a little weird for us. We don’t have any family that lives close by so if we stay home then it’s a very quiet day(and pretty boring if you ask me). Since there is only 5 of us I usually don’t go all out with a huge menu or even anything fancy on the table. I do love to entertain though and I love pretty (but practical because I’m a simple kind of girl) things so if I were to host Thanksgiving, my #turkeytablescape would probably look something like this.

Turkey Tablescape

Turkey Tablescape

We live in a modest house with a small kitchen so if I were to put a bunch of stuff on the table, I would have no where to put it when we ate so “less is more” is my motto!


(all purchased  at Joann’s unless otherwise noted)

Leaf Tablecloth

Mason Jars (dollar section)


Tulle (dollar section)

Scrapbook Paper



Canvas Fabric (had on hand but of course you can find fabric of your choice at Joann)

Paper Straws (had on hand but can purchase at Joann)

Bakers Twine (had on hand but can purchase at Joann)

Turkey Tablescape Basket1

The first thing I did was to take a plain basket and wrapped it in some light brown tulle. I did  a few layers and then finished it off with some rope like garland that I had on hand (from Joann’s also). I didn’t use any glue to keep it in place. I just tucked the ends in the holes in the basket. I’m sure I will want to reuse the basket so I didn’t want anything too permanent.

Turkey Tablescape Basket3

Turkey Tablescape Basket2

I popped a bunch of cinnamon scented pine cones in the basket and my simple centerpiece was ready.


Turkey Tablescape Basket5

Next I tackled the mason jars. I took the inner circle of the lid, traced it on scrapbook paper and cut it out. I took a knife and sliced a little X in the paper just big enough for a straw to fit through.

Turkey Tablescape Jars1

Turkey Tablescape Jars2

I knew I wanted to do a little something extra so I went out in my front yard and grabbed a few leaves from the grass. (Yay Fall!) I took my bakers twine, rapped it around the neck of the jar a few times, slid the leaves on (I used a knife to slice little holes to thread the twine through) and tied a bow.

Turkey Tablescape Jars3

I then took some silverware and napkins and embellished the setting with some tulle and a few feathers.

Turkey Tablescape

The last thing I did was take a place mat I already had, traced it onto my canvas fabric and cut it out using pinking sheers. I have 3 small kids in my house and they can not go one sitting without getting ketchup or some sort of condiment on the tablecloth so I knew I didn’t want to spend any money on real place mats. My idea worked out fine.  (Sorry no pictures of this whole process but I’m SURE you can figure it out without all the steps spelled out for you. smile.)

Lastly I took some candles and candle sticks that I had on hand and set them up on the table. My candles were blue so I just cut some scrapbook paper and covered the candles. Now everything is all matchy matchy. (NOTE: I do NOT recommend lighting the candles if you have them wrapped in paper. I never have and I would worry that something would go wrong. You’ve been warned! šŸ˜‰

Turkey Tablescape

I’m a bargain shopper (rarely pay full price for anything -unless it’s super cheap) and this is definitely a look you can get on a budget. And to help you do that, here is a

50% off coupon

to use at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores between now and the end of November. They already have killer sales (got my basket for about $4) but in case you need something that’s not on sale, this coupon will come in handy I’m sure. Just print and go! If you don’t have a Joann near you, you can still use the coupon with your online shopping.

Joann November Coupon

Is there a certain way that you set up your Thanksgiving table? Do you do a sit down dinner or set the food up buffet style? I’d love to hear your stories. šŸ™‚

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