I did this on Facebook about a year or 2 ago and thought I would share it here. I actually had enough things to create 4 lists of 25 Random Things about me. Consider this part one. I may or may not have a part 2, 3 or 4 (see #11).

1. I drink diet coke in the mornings.
2. God has given me everything i ever wanted.
3. I eat my french fries without ketchup and order my burgers plain so that I can dip them in ketchup.
4. I give my kids a big scoop of veggies when I make them and only give a little teaspoon to me.
5. Me and my sister, Kate, are ridiculous when we get together. We cackle and know exactly what the other one is saying.
6. I met Mr. GC online and he totally compliments me in every way. He puts up with my nonsense and I put up with his. πŸ™‚
7. I saw Sherman Hemsley (George from the Jeffersons) one day in a taxi in NYC and I got so excited that I made him roll his window down so that I could take his pic. Willis and Weezie were not with him. πŸ™
8. I saw Jason Alexander in NYC once too. I shouted and pointed “it’s George from Seinfeld”.
9. I act like a jerk in public when I see celebrities (see numbers 8 and 9)
10. My girls Emilee and Gracie are drama queens.
11. I start and stop a lot of things. I get bored really easy.
12. I got hit by a car when I was 9.
13. I’m really really forgetful and absent minded.
14. I have one baby in heaven and one on the way
15. I’ve experienced the love and mercy of God in a way that I will never forget.
16. I’m not very disciplined. I need someone to light a fire under my butt to get me going.
17. I hate public speaking and phone calls. I’d rather send a text or email on any given day.
18. I used to ask Kate to be my diet master and then yell at her for enforcing good eating habits.
19. Jesus is my diet master now.
20. Nothing and no one can prepare you for childbirth. There are no words.
21. I get up every morning and iron Mr. GC’s clothes.
22. I think i’m funnier in writing than I am in person – well i guess that depends who I’m with.
23. I lift things up and put them down (Planet Fitness commercial anyone? lol)
24. My dog hates my kids.
25. In about 20 years I’ll love my dog.:)

Tell me something random about YOU!! πŸ™‚

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  1. I can touch my tongue with my nose. Don’t know why this was the first thing I thought of but there it is πŸ™‚

  2. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I love the one about the veggies because I totally do that too!
    My hubby and I watch Jeopardy together every night after the kids go to bed:)

  3. Loved reading this list – that was fun!

    I just sat here for 5 solid minutes, staring at your screen, trying to think of something random about myself – and came up empty. So, I guess the random item would be that I am an idiot on snow days. LOL

  4. 1. I change my hair every month.
    2. I also open a can of pepsi every morning before rubbing the sleep from my eyes. My husband hear’s the “kachshshs” and knows I’m up.
    3. I love staying home with my kids, no matter what I say after I tuck them in at night!
    4. I never watch what I eat, but am really dedicated to working out.
    5. I secretly wish Edward was in love with me and would die to be with me!

  5. I love your 25 things Diana! One random thing about me….On Fridays I buy like 5 or 6 gossip magazines (even though they all contain the same info in every single one) and read them that night πŸ™‚ But the funny thing is…I don’t believe any of the gossip unless it’s in People magazine…lol! My hubby thinks I’m nuts πŸ™‚

  6. Oh and I totally agree with Charlotte’s #5….{Sigh} but obviously me in her place πŸ™‚

  7. I like to make lists and tape them to my kitchen cupboards with blue painters tape. Like my weekly menu, grocery list, schedule to follow to get something done, broke down to the minute, a list of lists to make….

  8. I have an absurdly long tongue, looks a little lizardy. My daughter has inherited it.

    I am a selfish sewer, finding it very hard to create something when someone has ASKED me to do it for them (which is also why I fail miserably at Etsy shops and custom made orders). I love to make gifts for people and give it to them, it just has to be something I WANT to do, and that I have come up with.

    I keep my house very clean, in fact I am quite anal sometimes, except for my bed. That is almost never made.

    That’s all I can come up with on the spot, I always love reading these lists!


  9. I am with you on number 11.
    I also can only tolerate to be touch a certain number of times a day then it just gets annoying.

  10. unsweet ice tea drinker here! i order two larges when i go to mcdonalds in the mornings!

  11. Hahah, loved your post! Here’s my random thing: I can never just.read.one.book! I always have to have like 5 or 6 going on at the same time and then I complain that I never finish a book quickly…

  12. The best bed I ever slept on had a feather mattress and a gazillion quilts to cover me because there was never heat in the upstairs bedroom. It was my grandparents’ house. Loved that bed!

  13. Fellow Diet Coke drinker in the morning too! 1 Random fact: I can’t sing to save my life, but I LOVE music and will sing in my car. πŸ˜› I’ll know I’ve met “the one,” when I can sing in front of him. LOL.

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    Z’s Space Reviews

  15. So fun to read! I can totally see myself doing #4 when my baby gets bigger, haha.

    Also, I have a disappearing/re-appearing birthmark that just shows up randomly every once in awhile with no rhyme or reason.

  16. One Prim Chick says:

    I LOVE your #2, you are so blessed! I like to act silly, sing and dance while I am driving in the car with my kids. It embarasses them and I LOVE that!

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