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I’m the brand new Home Decor contributor here at Project Inspire. I’m excited to share my posts with you and get to know each other! Thanks Diana for the wonderful opportunity to share my love of decor with your fabulous readers!
Around this time every year we are bombarded with new color trends for the season, and home decor is no exception. I’ve seen it everywhere, from decor magazines, design catalogs, Pinterest, and HGTV, the color is Emerald Green, and it’s here to stay (for 2013 anyway).

According to Pantone, Emerald Green is
Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony”.
Emerald encompasses restoration and rejuvenation, which is important in both fashion and home decor.
It’s perceived as luxurious and sophisticated.
I like to focus on simple, and budget friendly decor, in a beautiful, and seemingly effortless way. How does one go about incorporating this regal color in a more ‘down to earth’ and reasonably priced way? In my house we utilize the kitchen, family room, and bedrooms more than any other room, take a look at how to do just that in your most commonly used spaces:
living spaces
Accessorize with a bold print curtain panel, and a mix of solid and patterned pillows.

Pair emerald green with a touch of goldenrod and violet.

Bring in a single ‘stand-out’ furniture piece in emerald green.
Add an emerald, bright blue and apple green back splash for a whimsical touch.

Draw the eyes up to high ceilings by painting the wall above the cabinets in emerald green.

Emerald green paint on the island base is an easy way to embrace a trend.
Emerald green and brown? Not just for the jungle! Beautiful against lime and grey.

Combine it with navy, and gold–divine!

Cover stools in a pretty emerald and red fabric, and couple it with aqua. Love!
Contemporary Bedroom design by Other Metro Interior Designer Ethos Interiors

Do these spaces get your creative juices flowing?
Any of these ideas can easily be duplicated with little money. Some paint, perhaps a bit of fabric, and lots of creativity!

How can you add a little emerald green to your decor?
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  1. You’ve inspired me to add some green into my home this year and I’ll telling my husband it’s not going to be by way of more vegetables. LOL XO

    1. Barbara Hiatt says:

      LOL you crack me up!!

  2. Emerald green is everywhere, I’m getting really excited about it!!! Swoon!

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