Homemade Mason Jar Candle Mother’s Day Gift

This Homemade Mason Jar Candle Mother’s Day Gift is next up in our Mother’s Day Jar Gifts series. It’s a lot easier than you may think!

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Jar Gifts that dads and kids can do together.

I hope you guys are enjoying these Mother’s Day Jar Gifts I’ve been sharing with you this week. If you are just joining us be sure to go back and check out our previous projects: Pedicure in a Jar, World’s Sweetest Mom Mother’s Day Candy Jar and Sugar Scrub Cubes – all with their own FREE printable tags!

DIY Mason Jar Candle Mother's Day Gift - Complete with FREE PRINTABLE "You Brighten My Day" tags

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DISCLAIMER: This series focuses on mason jar Mother’s Day gifts that DADS AND KIDS CAN DO TOGETHER. For this project we are dealing with cutting wax and hot melted wax so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that only older children participate in this project WITH appropriate adult supervision. Please use your best judgment. The Girl Creative will not be held responsible for any mishaps.

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I was inspired by this post from I Heart Nap Time and knew that it would be perfect for this series. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own candle for awhile now and I’m glad I finally found the time to do it. My 9 year old was super impressed that I made the candle myself. Ha!

DIY Mason Jar Candle Mother's Day Gift - Complete with FREE PRINTABLE "You Brighten My Day" tags

Here’s what you need to make this

Homemade Mason Jar Candle Mother’s Day Gift

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Wax Block

4 oz Mason Jars

Small Candle Wicks

1 Colored Crayon

Fragrance or Essential Oil

Popsicle Sticks or Clothespins

I don’t have exact measurements (I’m sorry) or progress pictures (sorry again) but the process was super simple so I have faith in you that you will get what I’m putting out. 🙂

Step One: Cut up wax block into small chunks. The smaller the better. I didn’t anticipate how hard the wax would be to cut so my chunks were kind of on the big side.

Step Two: Place wax chunks in a microwave safe bowl. I started microwaving the wax in small increments of time at first. It was my first time doing this and I didn’t want any wax exploding in my microwave. (translation: I did not want to have to clean it. ha ha) I think I did about 15 seconds first, then 30, stirring in between. I eventually let it go longer, like 1-2 minutes at a time, still stirring in between. It took a good 10 minutes or so to melt completely.

Step Three: Once your wax is melted and add 1 crayon (without paper) in the color of your choice to the melted wax. This will give the candle it’s color. I was using lilac fragrance oil so I used a purple crayon. The wax will be so hot so the crayon will melt rather quickly. At this time you will add your essential oil or fragrance oil also.

Step Four: Pour melted wax into as many jars as you can. Add wick in the center and use popsicle stick or clothes pin to keep it centered. I didn’t have either so I used wooden skewers instead. Worked fine. I actually have picture proof of that!


I allowed mine to set overnight although they firmed up within a few hours. *Don’t forget to trim your wick. All you need to do is trace the mason jar inner circle lid onto pretty scrapbook paper and add the adorable “You Brighten My Dad” tags to the candle with some ribbon or baker’s twine and you have a beautiful Homemade Mason Jar Candle Mother’s Day Gift.

DIY Mason Jar Candle Mother's Day Gift - Complete with FREE PRINTABLE "You Brighten My Day" tags


You Brighten My Day Mother's Day Gift Tags

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