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When we’re not making lovely tunics, dresses and accessories my mom, Cindy and I love making new things out of old. Experimenting in sewing is a great way to get ideas for new patterns to add to our collection. Recently I played around with two XL Women’s long-sleeve t-shirts a cobalt blue stripped tee and a heather gray tee. The resultant cuteness was almost overwhelming: I did a little happy dance and might have even shrieked a little when I saw the finished product. I love it when my own creativity surprises me and things turn out better than I plan!

I started by cutting off 9″ of the bottom of the t-shirt. Using the already hemmed edge as the hem of the skirt. I used a 6-12 month sized skirt Sophia has as a guide for both the length and the elastic. I cut a 14″ length of elastic.

The 9″ cut of the bottom of the t-shirt.

Then I folded over the edge about an 1″ to allow for the elastic.

I strung the elastic through the pocket and then sewed the elastic ends to each other (with about a 1/2″ overlap) and sewed the opening shut. The result: this cute twirl skirt…but it was not cute enough.

So I added ruffle (everything is better with ruffles!) I followed the same steps I used when I made the Ruffled Baby Top to make this gray ruffle. Then pinned the ruffle to the skirt in a random cascading pattern, then sewed it down.

And of course our signature bee logo and tag:

But….I wasn’t done. There was MORE cuteness to be made from those shirts.

Oh YES! This is thee cutest 3-6 month skirt you’ve ever seen! With the cutest little rosette.

And the two of them together! Look so fabulous: like big sister, little sister outfits. Can you imagine these on a couple of cuties wearing white onsies and legging! Stop-my-heart-cute!

These will be available on our Etsy Shop!


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