Printable games are always a great idea during the holidays. This Free I-Spy Thanksgiving Printable is a fun activity for young children to keep busy and entertained.

thanksgiving i-spy game

Free I-Spy Thanksgiving Printables

If you have kids or have spent time around them then you know how much they love a good game of I-spy. I have played I-Spy with My Little eye many times with my kids while waiting at the doctor’s office.

It’s such a great game to play with little kids. It’s the perfect way to keep them occupied and if you’re looking for time fillers, this is great activity.

Where to Play I-Spy

This Free Printable Game is a great boredom buster to play over thanksgiving break. But what if you need an easy activity for other times during the holiday season, on the days leading up to Thanksgiving? Here are a few more ways to use this free printable worksheet.

  • Road Trip – Many families spend time over the holidays traveling. This free printable I-spy game is a great way to occupy the kids while stuck in the car. Be sure to print and pack it ahead of time. This classic game is fun for kids of all ages.
  • Doctor’s Office – Let’s face it, we are always waiting at the doctor. I remember one DR appointment where the doctor was almost 2 hours behind. Man I wish I had been prepared with fun activities for my own kids. I love this fun thanksgiving printable for younger children.
  • Classroom Party – Calling all teachers. This fun Thanksgiving activity is always a good idea during a classroom party. It gives children something fun to do when they need a little wind down time after all of the party treats.
  • Morning Work – This I-Spy Thanksgiving printable for classroom use during morning work. We know young kids are brimming with excitement over the pending break and this is a great way to reign in that energy.
  • Quite Time – Let’s face it, sometimes (especially on Thanksgiving Day) we just need to saddle our kids with a nice quiet time activity. For the sake of our sanity, this is a perfect game to occupy our kids while we are busy cooking Thanksgiving dishes.
thanksgiving i-spy game

How to Play Thanksgiving I-Spy

I-Spy is an age-old game that kids of all ages can play. The rules are simple. Simply go down the list of Thanksgiving-themed items and try to find each one hidden on the activity sheet.

Keep track of how many you find on the line beside the picture. Once you find them all, you can compare your answers to the answer sheet or to others.

An alternate way for older kids to play is that instead of using numerals when keeping count, use tally marks.

This free printable I-Spy game comes in a colored version. You can of course print it in black and white but color gives it a little something extra.

This is a great activity to keep kids entertained at home or in the classroom.

If you don’t get around to playing this game this year, save the file so that you will be prepared next year.


To download this free copy of Thanksgiving I-Spy (including answer key), be sure to fill out the form below with your email address and then check your inbox for Thanksgiving fun. Just a reminder, this free printable Thanksgiving I-Spy game is for personal use only.

Free Thanksgiving Printables

There are many fun ways to use free printables during the holiday season. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Here are a few ideas of how you can use Free Thanksgiving Printables to add some exciting to your holiday.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo is the perfect way to pass the time after Thanksgiving dinner. Your belly needs a break before you dig into that pumpkin pie you’ve been eyeing. I shared a free Thanksgiving Bingo Game here on the blog. Be sure to print it out ahead of time.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets

Worksheets are a super popular free printable that are available online. You can find any activity sheet ranging from color by number to a word search to a fun color and count sheet. All you need to do is browse Pinterest and you will have plenty of fun Thanksgiving printables to choose from.

Thanksgiving Crafts

For the overly ambitious parent, how about setting up a small station for Thanksgiving Crafts. I found this adorable free build a turkey printable that would be so much fun for small kids. Enlist the help of older kids to help cut the pieces out.

thanksgiving i-spy game


Obviously you know you can find free printables here at The Girl Creative because you are here. (wink wink) When I’m looking for free printables I usually just type what I’m looking for into Google or Pinterest.

By clicking the “images” tab in Google you’ll be able to see the actual printable instead of just the text link to the source. This is very helpful when you are searching for something specific.


The great thing about free printables is that they are FREE. Most printables include a PDF that you can download and print right from your home printer. You don’t need any special software or special paper either. Copy paper works just fine.

Printing Tip: When you print from home, be sure to change the print settings to “best” so that you have best quality possible. You might find this setting under “quality”. Your choices will be 300dpi, 600dpi and 1200dpi. 600dpi is perfect. I

If you’re worried about using too much ink, you can certainly try 300dpi first. Depending on what you’re printing, 300dpi might be all you need.


While you can print right from Pinterest, you definitely should not. What you should do is click the link on Pinterest that will bring you to the page that houses the actual printable. By doing this you are also getting the best quality of the printable.


The best way to create a printable is by using the website, Canva. Canva has many templates that you can choose from and modify.

If you prefer to create a printable from scratch, you can do that too. You can do this by clicking the “Create a Design” button from the top right hand corner of the screen and from there you can choose a specific size or make up your own custom size.

After you have your template chosen or your blank sheet to create from scratch, you’ll add graphics and text by using the menu on the left. Once your design is to your liking, click “DOWNLOAD” from the top left corner.

Choose “PDF Print” from the dropdown menu and then click download. Your print will download to your computer (usually defaults to the download folder on your computer) and from there you can print it out.

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