Printable Easter Word Search

Printable Easter Word Search – the perfect combination of challenging and fun. Download it today!

Printable Easter Word Search | Easter Puzzles and Games | Easter Activity Sheets

free printable easter word search

Ever have those moments where you are just at a loss for words? Yup, me too. I’m having one right now as I’m trying to think of something fun and witty to say about this Easter word search!

I knew that I wanted to create some new printables for the upcoming Easter holiday and thought a word search for kids would be fun. I know I love to do them myself and my kids were all over it when they saw that I left this project out.

I love it that they still enjoy something so simple as a word search even though we live in a technological time.

Printable Easter Word Search

Printable Easter Word Search - perfect combination of challenging and fun

As you can see from the photo above, there is a blue and a pink version that you can download and print. Feel free to print them out in greyscale also if you want to save ink on your printer.

The printable Easter word search is pretty easy to do so it’s perfect for elementary aged children. I also threw in a few random words in the puzzle that aren’t on the list, just for fun.

Printable Easter Word Search - perfect combination of challenging and fun

As you can see there is an adorable crayon pouch accompanying the word search. It’s basically just folding a piece of paper the same way you’d fold a letter but with a minor adjustment.

You can download the simple template below along with the word search puzzles. I embellished the pouch with some fabric tape and a bunny sticker that I picked up in Target’s dollar spot.

Here’s a peek at the puzzles close up.

Printable Easter Word Search - perfect combination of challenging and fun

The puzzle on each sheet is the same. The only differences are the colors. You can download them each separately using the links below.

Reminder: You will need a program that opens PDFs to view and download these links. I recommend Foxit Reader. It’s free and it’s my PDF reader of choice.

Download PINK Easter Word Search

Download BLUE Easter Word Search

Download CRAYON POUCH Template

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