Easter Hoop Art

Hello lovely Creative Girls! It’s Amy again from Delineate Your Dwelling, here to share with you my Easter Hoop Art.

1 Easter Hoop Art

. Small Embroidery Hoop
. Cream Felt
. Various spring colored ribbons
. Gold Foil paint pen
. Scissors
. Hot Glue

2 Easter Hoop Supplies

The first thing I did was cut out an oval egg shape from regular paper.  Then, I decided on my pattern for the ribbons.

3 Easter Hoop Ribbon

Line up the ribbons and glue them to the precut oval shape.  This completes your ribbon egg.

Next I secured a piece of cream felt in my embroidery hoop.  I hot.glued the felt in the back of the hoop.  Of course, I used my gold foil paint pen to paint the hoop gold.

4 Easter Hoop Art

The rest of the project was just layering scrapbook papers to make my little Easter sign.  (I did add some chalkboard paint to a book page for the actual “Easter” portion.)

5 Easter Hoop Art

The final touch was adding some green twine with a little bow.

6 Easter Hoop Art

I love how simple this little project was, but it’s colors are so cheerful and bright it lights up the space!

If you’d like to see more projects like this, be sure to stop by Delineate Your Dwelling!  You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram for behind the scene pictures.

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