Does Your Handmade Product Need to be Perfect to Sell?

Almost a year ago I created an account on Etsy. I never put anything in it. I’m reconsidering. I have a few ideas of what I’d like to sell but I’m always faced with this question: Does my product have to be perfect to sell? For example, if there is a tiny pucker in my fabric in one spot on my product, should I not sell it? Will someone return it for that reason? What about bias tape? Does it have to be sewed perfect in order to sell? Meaning if I go off line a tiny bit in one spot, does that make it unmarketable? I’m curious what you veteran Etsy shop owners have to say. So, fill me in……….

  1. As a buyer, are you looking for a perfectly made product?
  2. As a seller, will you not put something in your shop is it’s not perfect?
  3. Give me any other info you think is important as a buyer or seller.

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  1. Great discussion because I’m planning on going Etsy this year. I think it depends on whether pricing seems reasonable ( that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). I accept that handmade is likely not going to be the same as machine produced but that’s why we’re buying /selling handmade…because of the craftsmanship. So if it’s not major, I’d buy it if pricing is reasonable. As a potential seller, I would strive to make it as perfect as I could but if it’s a minor ( in the eye of the beholder) flaw I’d probably list it.

  2. LOVED reading this post and the comments ~ I’ve always wondered the same thing myself! Great advice here, though!

  3. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    I’m a perfectionist so if there are noticeable flaws I always sell them for a little less and make a note in the description saying why it is on sale and what I feel is wrong with it.
    Now, I know there are some etsy people who don’t care AT all and sell crap. I hate looking at something and seeing that the stitches are horribly off. Makes me never want to look at their shop again.
    There will always be minor problems with all products, nothing is PERFECT, but just make sure your item is worth selling and you’ll do fine.

  4. FancieStrands says:

    I to sell on Etsy and have the mind set that it should be as perfect as humanly possible. Im glad you brought this subject up because its nice to read that I dont need to be such a pefectionist at every little thing.

  5. Green Gracie Home says:

    Honesty is the best policy. Most of my items are made to look shabby, so it is a taste issue. But I do think that buying handmade isn’t the same as buying homemade if you get me. It should be good work, but a little imperfection makes it like an Indian blanket (they always weave in a “mistake”).

  6. Rebecca@This Present Life says:

    I’m no veteran seller, but I think part of buying handmade is the imperfections. Now I’m not saying I would sell something that’s really a mistake, but going off line a little or a pucker here or there is not a big deal. I’ve also learned (as a seller) that I am my biggest critic. Things that I think are not “perfect” enough are not even visible to other people. After I finish a product, I try to hold it back and look at it as a whole, instead of every single little stitch. If it looks good then, it will look great to the buyer. Hope that helps!

  7. I think you’ve answered your own question. You opened a store but haven’t put anything in it. You must have a very high standard. And I appreciate that. I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on something that has flaws.
    I don’t have an Etsy store because I’m harder on myself than anybody else.

  8. Jamie @ Happy House, Happy Home says:

    I’m sooo glad you asked this question, because I am having the same issues. I haven’t been able to read all the comments yet, but I can’t wait to sit down tonight and go through them all.

    Thanks for asking this question! Good luck to you! Maybe we should all start a little Etsy-Blog Girl Friends Support Group. haha!

  9. I can’t wait to read all the responses because I always wonder the same thing. I have an etsy shop and I’m always terrified that someone will find something wrong with something I made. So far it hasn’t happened but I’m a worrier.

    For me, I think when you buy handmade, you expect slight imperfections. That said, there’s a difference between sloppy and slightly imperfect.

  10. when i start i think the same thing but for now just made and try to sell 🙂