This adorable All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face SVG is hot off the presses. I made a onesie with this design a few days ago and I’m really excited to share it with you. This FREE baby shower gift cut file comes with file types that can be used with your personal Silhouette Cameo or Cricut cutting machine. Continue below for download instructions.

All of God's Grace in One Tiny Face SVG Cut Files for Silhouette and Cricut

Boy has it been a long time since I had anything to do with anything baby girl. My youngest daughter is almost 13 and my youngest child, who is a boy, just turned 8.  Without making anyone do math (because well, math, ewwww) we can all agree that it’s been a long time, right? When my girls were smaller I used to make things for them all the time but over the years I just haven’t had the need to make anything for a baby girl. Until this week.

All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face SVG

My husband’s colleague and his wife just welcomed their first child – a girl! When my husband asked me to put together a gift for them I jumped at the chance to break out my Silhouette Cameo and get working! I already had a collection of Nursery Wall Prints that I could have used but I wanted to create something new.  This darling little All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face svg is what I came up with and of course I was delighted that it looked just as cute on fabric as it did on my laptop.

All of God's Grace in One Tiny Face Onesie

I don’t have a picture but I made up a gift basket filled with the most darling baby girl goodies including a fluffy robe, tutu, bandana bibs and of course this DIY baby girl onesie. This custom onesie was so easy to make and I literally  had it done in under 10 minutes. Here are quick instructions and a supply list so you can make one too. Or course don’t forget to download the FREE SVG cut file below!

How to Make a Custom Onesie with the Silhouette Cameo

Supply List

Silhouette Cameo

White Glitter HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Blank Onesie

Iron or Heat Press

Tips for Using HTV

Step One: Cut out your design

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut out your design with your cutting machine. Depending on what you want to create, you may have to resize the design before you cut. In my case I knew I wanted to put it on an infant’s onesie so I referred to this blog post over at Craftables to figure out what size my design needed to be. 

Tip: Make sure to ALWAYS do a test cut. This is something I tend to skip over and then it bites me in the you know where.  I learned this lesson again the hard way on this project. I put a new blade in my Cameo awhile ago and all was well. I had cut vinyl and regular htv with it recently and had no issues. I cut this design out from the glitter htv, had my settings all correct according to the glitter htv default in the Silhouette Studio software and clicked send…. without doing a test cut. My Cameo wound up cutting through the HTV and the backing. Turns out that after going back to do a test cut I had to adjust my force settings down by almost a HALF!  I wound up wasting a good portion of glitter htv because I didn’t do a test cut. Sigh. 

Step Two: Weeding

My favorite weeding tool is a stick pin so that’s what I used to weed this project. In case you are a total newbie, weeding is when you remove the excess material from your cut design just leaving you with the design itself. My favorite heat transfer vinyl to weed is Siser Easyweed Vinyl, glitter htv and Silhouette’s Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl. I have had no issues weeding the 3 products. 

Step Three: Pressing

Now that you have the All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face SVG cut out, you are ready to press it to your onesie. If you are using a regular home iron, make sure your steam settings are off. Also, if you have a wood board to iron on top of, that would be better than just using your ironing board as is. I usually just fold up a towel and put it on my ironing board and put my fabric/shirt, etc right on top of it.

Another thing I do before pressing my design on is I will iron my fabric just a bit to warm it up. I’m not sure if this step is necessary but I do it anyhow. Next you’ll place your design and press. It’s important to follow packing instructions for length of time to press and whether or now you should put something over your design while pressing.

Tip: This next part is probably the most important part about pressing: if you are using a regular home iron you will want to apply a LOT of pressure to the iron when pressing the design. Think standing on your tippy toes (if you’re a shorty like me) and putting your entire body weight behind it. You’ll know if a design is pressed well if you can see the texture of your fabric through your vinyl lettering. 

Tip: Some vinyl, depending on the brand, will have you peel the plastic backing while the design is hot and another might have you wait until it cools before your peel. It’s very important that you always follow the package instructions. 

All of God's Grace in One Tiny Face SVG Cut File for Silhouette and Cricut

This design is FREE for Personal Use. Copyright © belongs to Diana Miller – The Girl Creative.

In this download you will receive the following files: .studio, svg, PDF, jpg. Files will be zipped and you will need a program to extract and use these designs. 

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  1. rbourke1972 says:

    Thank you so much! You are so kind, May you have a Blessed Day!

  2. Julie BROWN says:

    Hi there, unfortunately i keep getting an “error” when i attempt to download this adorable onsie SVG. please help, i would love to see my sweet baby in this. thanks so much for sharing your talents

    1. There was a problem with the link but it’s fixed now. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

  3. Bobbi Kiser says:

    Thank you for sharing, Diana. I have a new grand-niece and can’t wait to see her in this!

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