Easter Printable – egg-shaped box template


Today's Easter printable is a pretty floral egg-shaped box. It is just the right size to hold a generous handful of mini eggs or your favourite small candy. The printable includes the box in three pastel colours — yellow, green and lilac — each … [Read more...]

3 Easy Last Minute Easter Treats

Anytime we travel for the holidays I’m always tasked with bringing desserts since I don’t have to worry about anything going bad on the car ride down to Long Island. I don’t mind at all especially since I love baking and it gives me the chance to … [Read more...]

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Baskets have sure come a long way, haven’t they? I remember as a child getting one of those plastic baskets with the really long handle. Anyone remember those? I’m pretty sure they are still around! And I remember getting a hollow chocolate … [Read more...]