I was going through my baking cabinet looking for something to munch on when I came across a mason jar filled with white chocolate chips. I thought I had found that something sweet I had been looking for only to discover that half of the chips had melted. I guess keeping the jar on the bottom shelf right above the under the counter lights is was not a good idea! I didn’t want the whole jar to go to waste so I popped that bad boy into the microwave, melted the rest of the chocolate. Now, what to do with it? Well, I had always wanted to try some of those popcorn mixtures I’ve seen around so I made some White Chocolate Popcorn.

white chocolate popcorn

To make this simple treat of sweet and salty goodness, here’s what you’ll need:

White Chocolate Chips


Rainbow Sprinkles

Rice Krispie Treats (optional)

Step One: Melt chips in microwave. I usually do it in intervals of 30 seconds, stir, microwave again for 30 seconds, stir……..repeat until it’s all nice and melted.

Step Two: Pour melted chocolate over a bowl of popcorn.

Step Three: Add sprinkles

Step Four: Add cut up pieces of Rice Krispie Treats. I just used the pre-packaged ones and it worked out fine.

Step Five: Stir all ingredients together until the popcorn is nice and coated with chocolate. Every few minutes as the chocolate returns to a solid state, stir again. This helps to separate the popcorn a bit so that you don’t have huge clusters.


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  1. I just noticed the same thing happened to my white chocolate chips. I guess I have no choice but to use them the same way šŸ™‚ YUM- don’t mind if I do- hehehe.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Found you at Reasons To Skip the Housework! This popcorn look sooo good!! Thanks for sharing!:)

    1. Thank you so much! It WAS really good…….I think I ate more then my kids! lol

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