this is becca, reporting from bare feet on the dashboard. this weekend we hit a few estate sales, and found some great items. i’ll reveal more as the week rolls on. for today, i want to show you this great necklace i found for $1. i wasn’t crazy about the length, and i thought i could improve on the look of it by adding this white ribbon. i’ve had this length of ribbon for years because i used to wear it as a belt. so, let’s make a necklace!
i clipped the wire that the beads were laced on, and sorted them by size. i started with the biggest bead and centered it on the ribbon. i tied a knot on each side of the big mama bead. the beading was a little tricky, because the beads and ribbon did not want to be friends at first. i had to twist up each ribbon and then force it into the bead.

then i used the straight side of a bobby pin to
force the ribbon through to the other end.
i grabbed the end of the ribbon and then pulled it all the way through
until the bead was next to the previous knot.
sometimes the ribbon still wouldn’t come all the way through, so i had
to use a safety pin to grab it and pull it the rest of the way through.
i added a new knot after each bead,
and alternated sides each time i placed a bead.

here is the finished product, slightly off kilter. i wore it saturday with this plain v-neck, and it dressed up my saturday outfit quite a bit. i think it will look great with a strapless dress i just bought, as well as with many other options. it is simple, festive, and better than the original in my opinion. this is so easy and could be done with any type of ribbon and any big beaded necklace. go find one at an estate sale near you!

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  1. That is so great! I’ll be on the lookout for some beads now. šŸ™‚

  2. Now, I know what to do with some of my jewelry that needs an up-date! thanks

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