Seven {Lucky} Leprechaun Traps + $25 Target Gift Card GIVEAWAY

leprechaun traps

Legend has it that once you catch a Leprechaun he has to trade you three wishes for his release. The tricky (and fun) part, though, is actually catching the Leprechaun. The mischievous little elf is the master of getting out of traps, so choose your Leprechaun Trap carefully! This round-up includes Seven Lucky Leprechaun Traps that will inspire your creativity on St. Patrick’s Day both at home, and in the classroom! (*Note: there is no guarantee of actually catching a Leprechaun, however, we promise lots of smiles and laughter!)


Little Leprechauns can’t resist rainbows! Give him a Rainbow Trap filled with golden and rainbow colored goodies, and you may be surprised with what you find. (via Club Chica Circle)

leprechaun trap cake

How fun is this Leprechaun Trap Cake?! The kids will wake up on St. Paddy’s morn to see if they caught a Leprechaun, and if the little guy escaped they still get a delicious rainbow cake to snack on! (via Not Martha)

leprechaun trap hat

Some legends say that Leprechauns not only can’t resist gold, but they are also mischievous and don’t like to follow rules. Kids will have fun tricking the little trickster with this Leprechaun Trap hat that is made using items you already have around the house. (via Alex Nguyen Portraits)


Go ahead, tell the Leprechaun exactly where the pot of gold is! He’ll believe you because he’s that greedy for gold! Your kids can practically make this interactive Leprechaun Trap on their own and the chalkboard box can be used over and over for other creative play. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)


A sparkly rainbow trap is sure to attract any Leprechaun who is out looking for shiny things! Don’t forget to leave a sparkly trail leading up to your trap so the Leprechaun will be enticed to check it out. (via The Classroom Creative)

outdoor leprechaun trap

Making the Leprechauns a hotel (a.k.a. trap) to stay in will really get their attention! Leprechauns love being the center of attention. Don’t forget to put up a sign saying they stay free because there are few things they love more than the word “free”! (via MollyMoo Crafts)

trap for leprechaun

Hanging a pot o’ gold in the middle of your trap is a sure fire way to get the wee little Leprechauns to come nosing around. This shoebox Leprechaun Trap is a great way to lure the trickster into your house. (via The Crafting Chicks)

Don’t forget to set out your trap before you go to bed on March 16, and if by chance a Leprechaun gets stuck in your trap you’ll have the fortune of  being granted three wishes. (Remember, be careful what you wish for!) If the Leprechaun gets away, be prepared for the amount of mischief he makes in your house. Perhaps a toilet bowl full of green “water”, or half eaten rainbow cookies. Whatever trouble he gets into, your children will have great fun tracking him down!


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    1. I know, it’s so neat! I’m going to let my 3rd grader make that one because he can practically make the whole thing by himself.

    1. You’re welcome! I love your rainbow trap. I can see my daughter making that one, and she’s 16!

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