DIY Repainted Canvas Art

Hello again, it’s Barbara from Chase the Star, as always delighted to be here!  In true Chase the Star fashion, I’ve been busy repurposing, and DIY’ing the last few weeks.  Today, I wanted to share the most cost effective and fun {if you ask me} way to add wall art to your home, repainting canvas art!

DIY Repainted Canvas Art via Chase the Star #DIY #canvasArt #canvas #art #beach 640x

I’ve been on a mission to lighten and brighten up my home.  Everything dark is getting a makeover, little by little.  I had this rectangular canvas art from Big Lots purchased a couple of years ago.  I never ‘loved’ it but it worked well in the space.  I’d show that space to you, but it’s currently undergoing an overhaul! So I decided instead of getting rid of it, why not paint over it?  It’s canvas right, that’s what artists use, so why not?  Then I realized, I am NOT an artist!

So I improvised.

DIY Repainted Canvas Art


Ugly canvas {ugliness is optional}

Chalk Paint® {latex should work too}.  I used ‘Cream’ and ‘Duck Egg’

Primer {only needed if you use latex paint}

Acrylic paint {for the details}.  I used FolkArt in red and brown.

Foam brushes

Sandpaper {120 grit or higher}


Step 1: I gave the black canvas two good coats of the cream chalk paint®. No primer needed since this type of paint covers so well.  If you use latex or any other type of paint, I highly recommend priming first.

DIY Repainted Canvas Make your own art easily! via Chase the Star

Step 2: I have this fabulous wooden oar in my living room (from Home Goods).  It’s blue and chippy, and I adore it!  I laid it on the newly painted ‘cream’ canvas, and traced it.

Repaint Canvas Art via Chase the Star #DIYArt

See? I am an artist.  HA!

Use Chalk Paint to Repaint Canvas and Make Your Own Art #DIYArt via Chase the Star

Step 3: Then I simply filled the inside using a foam brush and more chalk paint®. I used acrylic paint for the red stripes.

Step 4: I allowed it to dry.  Then I dabbed on some brown acrylic paint over the entire piece and wiped it off right away with a paper towel.

Step 5: Once it was all dry, I went over it all lightly with the sand paper.  Dusted it off, and sanded again.  This removed the top layer of the paint, without showing the original black canvas underneath.

While I know I am not an artist, I was going for a weathered beach inspired look and I think I achieved that!

Repainted Canvas Art via Chase the Star

There you have it!  Why go out and spend money?  Repurpose your canvas art by painting over it and creating your own masterpiece.

DIY Repainted Canvas Art via Chase the Star #DIY #canvasArt #canvas #art #beach 640x

 You can also use painter’s tape to design fun shapes, or stencils, and more!

Have you repurposed art in your home? What budget friendly solutions do you use to decorate?

Thanks for reading!  See you next time! In the meantime, visit me at my blog, or follow me on social media:

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Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Barbara! I just wanted to let you know this post has inspired me to possibly redo one of my ‘ugly’ canvases. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but now I am definitely brainstorming. Cute page!
    -Haley from
    Home of Happy

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