Welcome to the Real Women of Blogger County series!

Blogger County

The purpose of this series is to SQUASH the notion that DIY bloggers have it all together. We post our very best on our blogs and you only get to see the beauty shots of our projects. Well, that’s about to change! Every Saturday from now through April I will be giving you the inside look at what really goes on behind the scenes in our everyday lives. Ahem, what you might see if you were to pop by unannounced! You won’t see perfectly edited photos in this series. This series is about KEEPIN’ IT REAL!

Meet Meesh from i meesh u blog!

you see, my friends and classmates are bigwigs at fancy companies like RetailMeNot, Amazon, Skullcandy, and HomeAway. many times, as a strategy and product marketing consultant, i roll up my sleeves and jump in the trenches with friends’ ventures like SkyBell, Lasso, Fusion Gourmet, Bright River Chocolate, and Equity Residences.

meesh pierce. photo: jimmy cheng photography

Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In seems to be a frequent discussion topic amongst my girlfriends. top tier MBA programs boast (that’s right, boast) about having 30% women. i’d argue that 50-60% of my MBA girlfriends have stepped off the gas in some way to be home with kids. and believe me, letting up is scary. i felt guilty when i worked 12-18 hours a day. i now feel guilty working part time. it just seems like a no-win situation for a type A mom with big ambitions.

super crispy burnt bagel

blogging has become such an important creative outlet for me. my husband jokes that my idea of a break is checking off 5 things on my painting project list. and he’s right!

Restoration Hardware mud room knock off diy with chalk paint

my husband is amazingly supportive and agrees that for now, i’m going to stay focused on the kids while maintaining a light client project load. which is perfect. for now. i blog late at night and sporadically.

white fireplace mantle with sea fans

scuffed fireplace

scuffed fireplace

my life as a mom of two young boys is a tricky one. in between client projects, playing Legos and struggling to follow a YouTube tutorial by a 10 year old on how to make a starburst rainbow loom bracelet, i’m hopping in and out of the garage to paint.

i paint stuff like this.

Annie Sloan painted headboard Swedish Gustavian detail

and blog about room makeovers like this

beachy cottage laundry room with Ana White pedestal risers

messy laundry room

we live in orange county. that’s right, the OC, where the pressure is high to look good, even at school drop-off.

but the truth is, i generally look like this and not too proud to buy white hair clips at the 99 cent store.

meesh pierce painting Gustavian headboard

and i drive this. and i post craigslist addresses to Facebook so that should i go missing on a furniture mission, my friends will know where i am!


and when i’m blogging with my food stylist extraordinaire friend, Peilin Breller, we blog yumminess like this.

Mandy's cookie thins with pink lemonade frosting

and this.

home made frosting stuffed cookies for valentine's day

but you pull back to see reality. 🙂

pull back of messy blogging food styling kitchen

if you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen

yes, it’s been an interesting path for this type A, tiger mom blogger. thanks for joining me! now, back to our legos.

lego madness on Restoration Hardware finished coffee table

Thank you Meesh for sharing what everyday life in your neck of the woods is like! Until next week………….

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  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Behind the scenes is always fun – good to know I’m not the only one with a less than glamorous everyday life. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! If it doesn’t help anyone, it will help me! lol 🙂

  2. Diana!!! I love it. What a great series. I think if I posted pics of my real life especially now I would make people laugh and cry. Might make for a good series!! LOL


    1. Awww, hang in there friend!!! It will get better! XOXO

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