I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the packaging of a gift nearly as much as the gift itself.  It makes me feel good to give someone a beautifully wrapped present.  One of my favorite gift-wrapping techniques is so simple, yet so elegant.  The trick is plain white or kraft wrapping paper and fresh flowers.  Hydrangeas, roses, and dahlias are among my top choices.  The roses and dahlias hold up especially nice, and the hydrangeas, well, they’re just too yummy to skip!  By using floral water tubes (you can see one in the side view in the rose picture below), you have a dry, convenient way to keep your flowers fresh atop their pretty package.
Don’t have fresh flowers?  Tie an extra little gift on top.  It makes the package instantly fun and exciting.  It may even be a little teaser as to the gift inside.  
So get out there and wrap wrap wrap!  
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  1. Oh I LOVE the flowers on top! It adds such a perfect classy little touch!

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