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After having huge success on Weight Watchers a few years back and now sort of being back to square one after having a baby this past April, I’m once again trying to lose weight, feel good about myself and get in shape. There’s just one teeny tiny little thing though. I love food. The thought of a delicious meal or a mouth watering dessert makes me giddy. lol But, I really need to get that under control.

I weighed in this morning and was up a half a pound. Not terrible but not a loss. I keep going back to a few years ago when I was on such a weight loss roll. I hadn’t had a gain in about 8 months. I lost and lost and lost. I never went a single day without tracking (writing down) my food. I had huge success. I exceeded my wildest expectations although never reaching my goal. I did good. Since then it’s been a roller coaster for me.

I  missed my first weigh in because I thought I was pregnant and you can’t do Weight Watchers when you are pregnant. It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and from that point on I have struggled. A year or so after that I found out I was preggers with Kole and well the weight came back on. I totally know that I can do it because I’ve done it before but I’m having such a hard time. Mentally even. I am not a huge fan of the summertime. I can’t stand to be hot and sweaty so I don’t really do my hair. It goes back in a pony tail every day and I hardly put make-up on unless I’m going to church. I’m just in a really bad spot. It’s annoying. lol

Anyhow…….I really didn’t mean for this post to take this direction. I just really wanted to share a few cute things that I found on Pinterest to help motivate and inspire me to follow program. I would appreciate any prayers that you want to send my way to overcome this obstacle. 🙂

Now, some food for thought:


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  1. Diana ~ I am in the same place as you except my baby turned 3 back in May. I now weigh more than I did at delivery….sigh. I should give WW a try. I have only found past success with limiting my carbs to some degree. Prayers for you!

  2. Thrifty Crafty Girl says:

    After my first baby, the weight peeled off with no effort… after my second baby, not so much. I love food too… and the second I restrict what I eat is the second I become obsessed with eating. It’s awful. Please post on your progress, I know you’ll do great!

  3. Thanks for the butt kick! I really needed this post. I am currently struggling with toddler weight. Who knew you could not only gain baby weight but toddle weight as well. Anyways, it has been tough to cut out the munchies and what not. I had a friend who told me “it doesn’t taste as good as skinny feels”. I wouldn’t know because I don’t know what skinny feels like. Hoping for someday soon. This is officially the longest comment ever, haha.

    Have a great night!


  4. Great motivators! I especially like the one that says “A year from now you may wish you started today.” I think about that a lot in many aspects of my life. If I had just started when I thought I should, I would have ___ amount of days, months or years under my belt already! Just remember you can’t change what has already been done, you can only move forward! Good luck. 🙂

  5. What a great round up!! My BFF has lost of 100lbs in the last year and is only 1 lb away from goal! I am soooo proud of her.

  6. I’m right there with you (and some other commenters too)! My baby turns 3 in a few weeks and I’m bigger than I was after delivery. Struggling with baby weight that was never lost and toddler weight too! Sad, huh? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. I LOVE food too, and I have always found that depriving myself was never worth it (to a degree) I don’t keep bad food in the house (too tenpting) and use a smaller plate. You can heap it and feel like you are getting lots but your portion has been cut way down. Little things but sometimes they help 🙂 Good luck!!

  8. I hope you are going back to ww, it sounds like it worked for you in the past. I joined 4 weeks ago and I am thrilled to have lost 5 lbs. And think about all the good food habits your baby will pick up.
    Good luck

  9. thanx a lot ! I need that peptalk too ! And good luck !

  10. simplecountryrose says:

    I am with you too! I have baby #2 weight, and all I want to lose is about 15-20 pounds…but I just can’t seem to get there! We can do it! Today IS the day! Thanks!

  11. Thanks for an honest post about a touchy subject. I know your struggles as I am on the same path as you. Best wishes as you battle with willpower!

  12. Don’t exchange what you want most for what you want at the moment.

    I LOVE this! I’m going to make magnet for my fridge with this saying.

  13. I feel like this post was written by me. I had great success with WW a few years back. Baby #3 is turning 2 next week and I still need to lose about 20lbs but just can’t seem to stay motivated. Thank you for the post, the quotes and for knowing that I am not alone. We can do it!

  14. I so agree with u! I just haven’t been able to get into “mood”. I buy all the “good for me stuff”…I even eat it…but I am still eating too much JUNK! I will commit to try and get my weight loss mojo back too! Thanks for sharing…great post! Good luck and many prayers to you!

  15. I can so relate to this post. Thanks! I had some great success with Weight Watchers a few years ago and kept the weight off, but I have put on some weight in recent months and am really struggling with getting back off again. It’s good to read that I am not struggling alone.

  16. FancieStrands says:

    Oh I can relate here. Everyday I hear the gym calling my name but I dont like going. I to weigh more than the day I delivered my first child. Its not any fun since I was always sooo thin until I hit 40 and it was down hill from there. Basically I need to loose 35 punds. I understand your frustration. But you bet I will keep trying! You can do it just stay focused. LOVE the new clean blog design.

  17. I just joined Weight Watchers about a month ago and have lost 10 lbs. I too had the baby weight. For 5 years I have been miserable and finally decided to join. I had been a member in the past and I knew it worked and now the program is revamped and fruits and veggies are 0 pts. I have about 10 more to go. I have gained twice already-not big amounts, but, it’s still a work in progress. Good luck to you-you can do it!!! 🙂

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