This  Homemade Honey Cake is so delicious you won’t know whether you should eat it for breakfast or dessert. Either way you won’t be able to stop, it’s that good! Smear a generous amount of cream cheese on each slice and you’ll enjoy it even more!

Delicious homemade honey cake. This recipe takes a traditional boxed pound cake mix and turns it into something extraordinary.

In our home we call this Lynn’s Honey Cake, named after my mom. It’s a favorite in my family, one my mother made popular with a recipe she found on a cake mix box thirty years ago and tweaked to make it her own. This cake reminds me of cooler weather and with the hot summer temps, I felt like I needed a little bit of fall in my life. This recipe also isn’t too bad to make in the summer because you only need heat your oven to 325.

Homemade Honey Cake

My mom’s recipe has since been morphed into muffins occasionally, by my cousins in New York, cupcakes too with Mascarpone frosting.  I prefer the original loaf my mom always served though sliced, warm and spread heavily with whipped cream cheese.  This cake stores best wrapped in plastic wrap, then zipped in a zip-locked bag on the counter for a few days.  It makes for a heavenly scented home and breakfast with tea and coffee each morning till it’s gone.
This delicious honey cake is perfect with whipped cream cheese on top. It's so good you won't be able to control yourself. Makes a wonderful breakfast or dessert food.

Homemade Honey Cake

1 Package of Pound Cake Mix {I used the Betty Crocker one}
2 Tsp Instant Coffee
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1/2 Tsp Allspice
1/2 Tsp Nutmeg
1/2 Cup Honey
2 Tbsp Shortening
2 Tbsp Oil {canola or vegetable)
4 Eggs


Heat oven to 325 and grease an oblong loaf pan, the usual 13″ x 3″ size is fine.  In a mixer bowl, combine all ingredients and beat until fluffy.  Scrape down the bowl to make sure you’ve incorporated everything and pour into the baking pan.  Start testing the cake at around 40 minutes.  It’s very important not to over-bake this one to keep it from drying out. The bake time can range up to 50 minutes. Slice and serve warm with cream cheese and a drizzle of honey.
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