Help!!! At my church we do secret sisters. Basically it’s like a secret santa but we do it all year round and then do a big reveal each January. Well, this year I liked to give my secret sister handmade gifts. I have been a serious slacker though in the gift department. The year just got away from me and I have not been a very good SS. And the thing is, it’s one of my good friends. How terrible is that? Anyhow, her birthday is on Friday and I want to make her something but just don’t know what. Here’s what I’ve made her already this year (and go ahead, slap my hand……i do not have ANY pictures of what i’ve made/given her – what kind of blogger am i?????):

  • Tote Bag with candles and photo album inside
  • Sugar Scrub (2x)
  • Rice Bag/Bed Warmer
  • Apothacary Jar
  • Cook Books

What else can I make her??? I’m at such a loss. I’d love suggestions….and if you have links to tutorials, please leave them in the comments. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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  1. Mary Grace McNamara says:

    Do you crochet? Make her a few double thick hotpads and fix a nice basket of kitchen-y stuff to go with them. Here’s a video tutorial that will walk you right through from beginning to end…

    or maybe a Tunisian short row dishcloth or facecloth…these are quick to make and can be made large or small depending on your starting chain. Fix up a basket of bathroom-y stuff to go with a few of these to pamper her!

    I hope you show what you end up making!

    Good luck!


  2. I just gave a friend an infinity scarf – here’s the how to on the one I made, but I’ve seen ones that are WAY easier – like chop the bottom off a pretty colored tee shirt – pull on it to curl the raw edges and done!
    photo gifts are always a fave too – pic a cute one of you two and edit it in picnik and add the word “friends” pop it in an affordable frame and done – tears, every time!
    or you can’t go wrong with a rolled flower pin!

  3. every time i make one of these clocks for anyone, they are a huge hit…in fact, my friends each have requests in for their birthdays, beg for them!!

    another thing that has been a huge hit is giant letters (my mom begged for them for christmas, ask and she did receive!), here are hers:

    and here is how to make them:

    hope you find something you are looking for!

  4. My mom makes us pillowcases for each holiday/season and I LOVE them.

    – Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  5. I love homemade gifts….I keep promising myself I won’t go back to store bought.
    I made a bouquet of cinnamon buns in a coffee cup for my boss’ birthday last yar.
    I also made aprons, and attached my favorite recipes for the girls in my family this year,
    or a homemade frame is always a good idea….any craft store sells wooden frames you can add scrapbook paper to the cover of, and she can fill it with her favorite memory from the year! I can’t wait to explore the other suggestions you get for my sake!

  6. Oh you are too funny!! I made lots of handmade gifts this year, but they were so last minute that I didn’t take any pictures either πŸ™ But here the few that I actually got pictures of!
    B&B Soap: Redo:

    Jar Soap Dispenser:

    Felt Flower Headbands:
    Terra Cotta Coasters: {these were a hit on my blog & from people I gave them too.. and Hob Lob has the pot holders in a 6 pack right now!}

    Hope you find some good stuff!

  7. How thoughtful that you’ve tried to do all handmade gifts… and don’t feel bad about the quantity of gifts, as you are giving some amazingly heartfelt and mindful things!!!

    I second the dry-erase board. There are SO many ways to do it, I really liked this idea using a unique frame:

    This tote bag is uber cute:

    How about a lap blanket for reading/watching tv? There’s an extensive tutorial for a completely simple, yet oh-so-snuggly one here:

    I really hope you find what you are looking for. I’ve perused some of the ideas myself, and definitely have some ideas on gifts to make my friends and family this coming year as well!

  8. I think you’ve given some fabulous gifts! Funny, I don’t take pictures of a lot of my projects either, but have lots of links on my blog. Some cute ideas:

    mod-podge coasters with a case of her favorite drink:

    glass tile pendant:

    Rosette headband:

    dry erase board from picture frame:

    Also, a simple crochet project is dishcloths – just single crochet a square out of 100% cotton yarn – tie it around a bottle of dishsoap with a cute ribbon.

    Good luck and thanks for all of YOUR inspiration!


  9. 2littlehooligans says:

    Im the queen of homemade gifts. That is all my relatives get for Christmas. This year I made a casserole carrier (from my tute), bias tape dish cloths, wash cloths, and a ton of aprons. Good luck! Im sure she will love anything you make:)

  10. How about a tissue package cover? I had a problem of those little packages breaking in my purse and tissue bit all over the place. What a life saver the cover has turned out to be. I just bought one because I didn’t have time to make one but they are easy to make

  11. I got great reviews for applique kitchen towels that I made for gifts. They’re super easy and cute to display. Use any design, Wonder Under on the towel and stitch around.

    Also, the memo board I made for my SIL turned out cute too. I forgot to take a picture, but I basically got a piece of sheet metal cut from Home Depot, hot glued fabric on it and framed it with a frame I painted. I made cute little magnets and it turned out GREAT!

    Good luck! Hope it turns out GREAT! Be sure and take pictures of what you make!

  12. I made a couple of cute DIY gifts for Christmas presents this year… chalkboard coasters, a moss initial, etc. Let me know if you make any!

  13. Make her some one of kind accessories I don’t know if you sew or crochet or make jewelry. but That would be a conversation starter every time she wears them and she will always remember you and the bond you have. Depending on what and how many you make its something she could wear everyday. Useful, sweet, and fashionable.

  14. I have to second the glass stone magnet idea Christina mentioned. I made tons of these (in fact I’m making more right now while I surf because they’re so fun and easy!).

    Everybody LOVED them, and it’s so easy to customize to the recipient. I made a bunch using scrapbook paper, but I also made some for my husband using hot rod artwork as well as the logo for his custom car business.

    I just created a 1 inch circle shape in Photoshop Elements, dropped in my image of choice, and printed it out on plain white paper, making sure to set it to print at least a 1/2 inch in from the edge of the paper to make sure it would fit in my punch. I started out cutting my circles with a 1.25 inch punch, but I found I always have to trim those. I switched to a 1 inch punch and have found that it works perfectly most of the time. Also, I used Modge Podge rather than Gorilla Glue and it worked great and didn’t bleed through the paper. AND, Hobby Lobby’s glass stones are half off right now, so $1.50 will get you a 2 lb bag!

    Oh yeah, and I think I’m also going to make some for my niece using story building words (Ex “Today” “I” “Want” “Feel” “To” “Like” “Sleeping In” “Jumping” “Laughing” “Dancing” “Happy” “Hungry” etc. I’ll put them on a magnet board so she can arrange them to refect her mood. πŸ™‚

    They would also be pretty with words like “Faith” “Love” “Hope” “Dream” “Laugh” printed on pretty scrapbook paper.

    Another thing I made for Christmas gifts was homemade coasters. I purchased 4×4 white ceramic tiles for $0.16 each at Lowes. I don’t have a cutting machine, so I bought various rub-ons for the front designs, and they worked great! AC Moore had the best selection of rub-ons that I found, but they were pricier than other places. Most Hobby Lobby’s have a decent selection too. I got a 12 pack of 12×4 cork sheets at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 for the backs which made 36 coasters, and they were even self adhesive! I made sure to seal the finished coasters with acrylic sealer and let them set overnight, but they were very quick and easy to put together.

    Oh! And dressed up post-it notes! I made these too and everyone loved them. They would work especially well if she has an office job (or just uses post-its, and who doesn’t?). One thing I did for one girlfriend was make magnets to match the post-it covers (using scraps of the same paper) and gave them as a set. The tutorial for the post-its (and a version of the coasters too) is here:

    Have fun!

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