Free printables come in all shapes in sizes. They vary from signs, gift tags and printable decorations to banners, cards, love notes and a whole lot more. Those are just a small fraction of the many types of printable products for Valentine’s Day that you can find for free. While I love printables of all kinds, my favorite type of printable are signs. Enjoy this collection of Free Printable Valentine Signs that you can print right at home.

A collage of Valentine's Day graphics that can be printed and used as signs.

Years ago when I first started blogging I fell in love with creating printables. In fact, the first printable I designed was a printable sign for Valentine’s Day. I created subway art style love signs to put on on my valentine mantle.

At the time my kids were small and we were living on one income. I loved to create and I needed the cheapest DIY decor I could come up with. That’s where printables came in. Since then I’ve created new Valentine printables every year.

You might remember this collection of 9 love signs that I shared several years ago. They were a huge hit and from time to time I get requests to add new quotes to the collection for Valentines Day and even weddings.

A collage of Valentine's Day graphics that can be printed and used as signs.

Free Printable Valentine Signs

I decided it was time to create a new set and I have my sister, Kate from A Hundred Affections, to thank for the inspiration.

In this adorable collection of free printable Valentine signs you get 6 unique signs that just scream Happy Valentine’s Day. While you don’t get a hard copy of these prints, you do get the free digital download and you can print, print, print to your heart’s content. The PDF file is high resolution so the prints are crisp and clear.

Let’s take a peek at these Valentine’s Day signs.

White picture frames with Valentine's Day prints in them

Free Alphabet I Heart You Printable Valentine’s Day Sign

Free Gold Foil Heart Printable Valentine Sign

Free Be Mine Printable Valentine Sign

Free “In a Sea of People I Will Always Search for You” Printable Valentine Sign

Free Printable Valentines Day Signs 3

Free XO Printable Valentine’s Day Sign

Free “Shut Up & Kiss Me” Printable Valentine Sign


This collection of 6 Free Printable Valentine Signs come in 2 sizes: 4×4 for square frames and 8X10 for full size frames. It’s likely that you will need to trim the paper down to fit your frames.

You will receive 2 PDF files in your download. One will have all 6 of the 4×4 signs and the other will have all 6 of the 8×10 signs. Print them all or just the ones you want.

IMPORTANT: To get access to these FREE designs, you will need to fill out the form below. Your files will be send to you via emailCLICK THE DOWNLOAD LINKS in the email and the download will begin. 

They will be located in the DOWNLOADS folder on your computer. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT download from a smart device.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gallery Wall

We just recently completed a home renovation and now it’s time to decorate. I’ve never done a gallery wall before but with these adorable Valentine’s Day signs in different prints, I think it’s time.

This is the perfect way to add valentine decoration to my home without it being overkill. I just took my Christmas decorations down and my walls look so bear!

A collage of Valentine's Day graphics that can be printed and used as signs.

How to Create a Gallery Wall for Valentine’s Day or Any Holiday

If you’ve ever wanted to create a gallery wall but have no idea where to start, let’s walk through this together.

  • Small Wooden Signs – If you are a crafter, you can make your own. That’s always my first thought. That might be overwhelming to those who don’t have a creative bone in their body. Lucky for you stores like Hobby Lobby, The Christmas Tree Shoppe, Dollar Tree have such cute decoration ideas and signs for cheap! Hobby Lobby always has big discounts on holiday items so you can pick up a little sign for just a few bucks each.
  • Picture Frames – Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes. It’s totally okay to mix and match if that’s your thing. If you prefer to keep things uniform, decide which form of frames you want to use and seek those out.
  • Other Elements – You may want to keep your gallery wall to strictly frames and signs. That’s totally okay if you. It’s all a matter of preference. If you want to give it a little something extra, consider adding wooden arrows or metal words like “love” or “Mr. & Mrs” to your gallery wall. Even a string of Valentine’s Day cards as a banner would look adorable.

Pro Tip: Before you commit to hanging things on your wall, arrange your items on the floor and figure out placement. From there you can rearrange a picture frame or 2 and see if you have enough things to pull off the look you’re going for. If not, head back out and grab a few more things.

Valentine’s Day Decor

These free printable Valentine signs make the cutest Valentine’s Day decor. If you aren’t into gallery walls, that’s totally fine. You can easily use these free Valentine’s Day printables in your favorite frame on your mantel.

Valentine's Day Decorations on Shelf

Maybe you aren’t a fan of creating holiday displays for anything other than Christmas. No big deal. You can use these printable signs as Valentine’s Day gifts for your family members.

If you love these free printable Valentine’s Day Signs, share them with your friends and family on Facebook or Pin them on Pinterest.

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