Let’s talk fonts. I love fonts, especially free ones. There are so many great ones out there so as I come across ones I love, I click, click, click and add them to my growing collection. My taste has changed somewhat over the years with fonts. I used to really love the handwriting ones. Now I really love nice, scripty fonts that look a lot less like handwriting and more like calligraphy. Maybe cursive is the word I’m looking for.  My favorite free fonts site is Dafont. Kevin and Amanda also has some very cool, unique fonts.

I also love finding new fonts by searching on Pinterest. So many bloggers have made up these really cute graphics (like the below) to showcase the fonts that they love. One popular font seems to be Lavanderia. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Another super popular font is Sacramento. So many awesome ones to choose from. THANK YOU FONT DESIGNERS!!!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite free fonts that I tend to gravitate towards lately including where you can download each one.

fonts fonts and more fonts

Alex Brush * Caviar Dreams * Cast Iron * Allura * Clicker Script * Making Lettering Tall *

Smiley Monster * Lavanderia * Sacramento * Pupcat * Meddon

*Bergomot (for the swirls and banner)

What are your favorite fonts? I would love to hear. Leave it in the comments!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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  1. My favorite font to date is a “Varsity” Font (those letters that make you think of the Varsity Letterman’s Jacket you wore 10+ years ago). I have three boys that play a lot of sports and I use this font most often with my team printables.

  2. loving the “sacramento” font right now! great round-up!

  3. Thanks for the great fonts. I am a font-aholic as well, and always love seeing fonts that others are loving. I think your taste is right around the same as mine. šŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  4. I love the Lavanderia and Wendy Medium fonts, and now I like the Clicker Script. Thanks for the fonts!

  5. I am always looking for new fonts to use with my photos. Over the years I have ammased a collection of a few hundred. I just downloaded the Lavanderia & Clicker Script. Thank you for putting this together:)

  6. How do you use these fonts when typing a word document or just in general?

    1. Crystale, you need to download them to your computer and install them into your font files. Once you do that, they should be available to you in any program that allows you to change the fonts like Word, Excel or any photo editing software you may own.

  7. I really like all of these fonts, and they would be great for a classroom. however, I tried to download them and they will not open after I unzipped them. šŸ™

    1. Hmm, I wonder why that’s happening. I think it may be a computer/software issue and unfortunately I’m not that tech savy. šŸ™

    2. I don’t know if you’ve ever downloaded fonts before but IN CASE you haven’t here is how! Click on the download button, then click “run” or if you use google chrome just click on it down in the bottom left corner. It will open. Extract the files then copy only the .tff file. Go to computer > Windows > Fonts. Paste your font into it. It will be in your font file from now on. You may need to restart whatever program you are using (such as Microsoft Word) before the fonts show up in the dropdown list. I hope that helps!

  8. Brisa Bentin says:

    I absolutely love your page!!! I am a pre-teacher and finding these fonts for free are unbelievable!!! Please keep then coming…I am eager to know what you guys publish next!

    Take care,


  9. Great font roundup, Di! Saw this on Pinterest and was like “Hey I love her!” šŸ˜‰ Thank you, friend! xoox

  10. Thank you for the pretty fonts! I was wondering though what’s the name of the font you used for ‘the girl’ at the top of your page? and do you have a link for it?

    1. The font is called Bombshell Pro. Unfortunately it’s not one of the free ones. šŸ™

  11. how can i download the fonts?

    1. You have to click the links and download them from the font sites.

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