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Ever see a t-shirt, tumbler or tote bag with a quote on it that only a dedicated craft-a-holic would understand? Myself and a bunch of my blog friends have gotten together again this month to share with you 14 Free Craft Themed SVG Cut Files for you to, of course, get creative with using your Silhouette or Cricut.


This blog was born when my girls, who are now 13 and 16, were little. I spent my time during the day writing and blogging in between school drop off and pickup. Occasionally I would work on a project or craft too.

Then along came my son and any dreams of crafting while the girls were at school got dashed to bits. That’s when I really started crafting after their bedtime.

When it came to coming up with an idea for this series, it was basically a no-brainer. This Mama by Day Crafter by Night SVG is one that creative mamas all over will be able to relate to.

Normally I share instructions on how to use my Free SVGS on T-shirts and with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). This time I’m going to share an easy Silhouette Cameo tutorial on how to use this Mama by Day Crafter by Night SVG on a tumbler (or mug) using permanent adhesive vinyl (more specifically Oracal 651).


  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • Tumbler, Water Bottle, Mug, etc.
  • Transfer Tape or Contact Paper
  • Mama by Day, Crafter by Night SVG (download available below)
  • Weeding Tool


DOWNLOAD: You’ll want to download the design (below).

OPEN: Open the .STUDIO file in your Silhouette Studio Software. If you are a Cricut user you may use one of the other files available in the download such as the SVG or the JPG.

RESIZE: Depending on the size of the object you are adhering the design to, resize the design to make sure it fits.

CUT: When using craft vinyl you do NOT need to mirror your before cutting. Adjust your settings properly and if you have an older Cameo with a ratchet blade, be sure to select the proper materials (vinyl, smooth vinyl, etc.) and adjust your blade depth. Always, always do a test cut.

WEED: Once your design is cut out, weed the excess away so that you are just left with your design on the backing.

TRANSFER: Take transfer tape (or contact paper works well too and it’s cheaper) and smooth it over your design. Grab an old credit card or gift card and smooth the transfer paper over the vinyl. Carefully peel the transfer tape and the vinyl should be stuck to it. If the vinyl hasn’t lifted in some areas you will need to lay the transfer tape back down and repeat.

ADHERE: Last you’ll place the transfer tape with the design down on your object (mug, tumbler, etc.) and smooth again with gift card. For this part you’re going to really work it so that you are sure that the vinyl sticks. Very slowly peel the transfer tape back and your vinyl should be stuck to the mug. If not, repeat this last process of smoothing and peeling.

Mama by Day Crafter by Night SVG Design for Silhouette and Cricut | DIY Tumbler for the Craft-a-holic

This design is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you love this design so much and want to use it to make items to sell you can grab the commercial use license for just $3 in our shop. Click HERE to take you there.

Fill out the form below to snag your Personal Use Mama by Day Crafter by Night SVG Cut File.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I got together with a bunch of my creative blogger friends and they did not disappoint in bringing you some MORE Craft Themed SVGs for FREE! Check out the awesome list below!

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