Family Movie Night with Printable Tickets

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Printable Family Movie Night Tickets

 Hosting a family movie night  is a great way to re-connect and unwind after a long, busy week. It takes very little prep and the kids will be so happy to have some of your undivided attention. When my girls were younger (they are 10 and 8 now), we used to do family movie night a lot. That is until a little bouncing baby boy arrived and my life got turned upside down! I’d like to have a little “chat” with the person who told me that once you have 2 kids, adding anymore after that is a piece of cake. LIES!!!  (wink wink) My 3 year old son is FULL of energy and with crazy schedules during the school year for my girls, this mom is tired and doesn’t want to do much of anything! BUT. Summer is here, soccer season is over and I’m really enjoying our easy-going laid back schedule this summer. So, it was the perfect time to reconnect and host a family movie night. I grabbed myself some Pop Secret Popcorn in Butter and Movie Theater Butter (of course) and Rio 2 on DVD and created some fun printable family  movie night tickets for the occasion.

Family Movie Night

While I was getting the popcorn ready, my husband took the kids outside to line up! (all on his own! it was super cute!) We even had one of the neighbor kids pop by asking what all the fuss was about!

Family Movie Night Kids1

Family Movie Night Kids2

Earlier that day I cut out these adorable popcorn containers with my Cameo and created coordinating Rio2 tags to tie it all together.

Family Movie Night Photo2

I finally let everyone in the door, took their tickets and handed out the popcorn. We all had such a good time. Kole, my 3 year old who is hung up on his regular shows and rarely likes to deviate from them actually sat and watched. I was really happy when I saw that Rio 2 was rated G. With the increase of movie ratings going from G to PG (even though they are geared towards children) it was refreshing to see a wholesome kids movie suitable for the whole family. We also enjoyed Googling Rio 2 and finding out who the voices behind the characters were. Lots of our favorites!

Family Movie Night

Rio 2 and Pop Secret Popcorn is the perfect combination for a fun-filled family evening. You know the night was a hit when you pass by a huge Rio 2 poster the next day while you’re out and your little guy asks to watch it again. Score!!!

I have 2 goodies for you. The first is a coupon for $1 OFF any Pop Secret Popcorn (while supplies last). I picked mine up at Walmart last week. Second, some fun printable Family Movie Night tickets for you to enjoy.


Family Movie Night Ticket Full Sheet

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  1. I found this post via pinterest. I have done some fun family movie nights with my boys also. I usually theme the meal around the movie. For example, Lady and the Tramp we would have spaghetti, Kung Fu Panda we had Chinese food and egg rolls, Back to the Future we wore our clothes backwards, had breakfast for dinner and dessert first (backwards type of things). These movie nights were a great and inexpensive way to spend an evening at home together. Thanks for the tickets printable.

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