I thought I knew what a busy child looked like when I had my girls. I had no idea what that even was until little Mr. Kole arrived nearly 5 years ago. This child is allllll boy! He’s rough and tumble, sweet and affectionate, and hilarious and mischievous. Oh, and incredibly busy! I always need ways to keep him busy and I was so excited when this Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys was a huge hit with him!

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys - Free printable pages so you can make your own. The perfect busy book for busy boys!

It’s always been easier for me to make projects and crafts geared towards girls because I have 2 of them – and I had them both before I had my boy. This time I decided it was high time that I make something for the little man so this book is alllll boy! The pages are a combination of superhero and construction. The graphics I used are from Pretty Grafik Designs. They have tons of beautiful clip art if you are ever in need of some.

I’m sharing this project as part of the Craft Lightning series hosted by The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts and Glue to my Crafts. The idea behind Craft Lightning is to create projects that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. This year’s theme is busy projects for kids.

To create this Dry Erase Coloring Book you will only need a handful of supplies.

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys - Supplies1

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys - Supplies2

Supply List

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Coloring Book Sheets (download at the end of post)

Scotch 4×6 Self-Seal Laminating Pouches

Crayola Dry Erase Markers

Single Hold Punch

Key Chain Ring

Double Sided Adhesive

Step One: Print out coloring book pages and trim down to size. Each page has a blue border around it. Cut on that line. Each page will have a front and a back so decide which pages you want to pair together. You can arrange them any way you want. Use double-sided adhesive to stick wrong sides together for each page.

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys

Step Two: Follow package instructions on the laminating pouches and do this for each set of front/back pages. You should have 5 laminated pages once you are done with this step.

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys2

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys

Step Three: Once all of your pages are laminated, punch a hole in top left-hand corner of each page and slip each page onto metal keychain ring.

Dry Erase Coloring Book for Boys

Such a fun and easy project to keep your kids busy while you get some stuff done around the house. My son was totally in awe of the fact that he could color his pages and wipe them off to start over!


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  1. These are so great! I love that they can be used over and over!

    1. Thank you! Me too!! One less coloring page floating around my house that I feel guilty about throwing out. ha ha

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