DIY Plate Hanger

Hello and Happy Fall everyone! It’s Barbara from Chase the Star and I’m very excited to be back here at The Girl Creative! 

Today I’m sharing the gallery wall I put together in my kitchen, specifically how I hung those plates up easily and for little to no cost!

DIY Plate Hanger

Hang the plates on your wall easily, and efficiently with this simple DIY Plate Hanger tutorial! #DIY #PlateHanger #kitchen #galleryWall #decor

I threw this wall together in a snap.  Most of the signs are second hand finds, or from Home Goods, or gifts, and the ‘eat’ sign was a DIY project from last year.  The plates are from the thrift stores; they are regular white plates not intended to hang but rather to eat on!

Using my Cricut, I cut out large numbers, and the wording ‘Our Happy Home’, along with a lattice pattern.  The numbers, which represent the months that our kids were born, were placed on the round white plates.  The oval plate was painted with grey gloss paint.  You can find a full tutorial on how to use vinyl to make a sign here.  

DIY Plate Hanger via Chase the Star for The Girl Creative blog

I’m not crazy about the plate hangers that are sold at stores.  I especially don’t like the price tag!  At $3+ a pop, it’s easy to spend a mini fortune!

How to DIY Plate Hangers



Gorilla glue {or a strong adhesive}

Paper clips 

{I used small clips, but you can use larger clips depending on the size of your plate}


Ready for these ‘mindblowing’ instructions? 

Add a quarter size amount of Gorilla Glue to the back of the plate, add the paperclip and let it dry for a couple of hours.  That’s it!

DIY Plate Hanger via Chase the Star for The Girl Creative


The paperclip isn’t facing any specific direction, just place it on, leaning on the seam of the plate.  

**Important: Do NOT overdo it with the glue.  Gorilla Glue will expand as it dries, and create a big bubbly ball that is nearly impossible to remove.  

Once it’s dry you can hang it up.  I’ve used this method over and over in my home over the years, and I’m happy to report that all of my plates are still hanging, even here in earthquake country!

I am always looking for simple and inexpensive ways to decorate my home like this DIY Plate Hanger!  

For more of my DIY projects visit Chase the Star, and on social media at: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram! See ya next time!




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    1. I’ve seen that too. Both great ideas. šŸ™‚

  1. Mrs Phillips says:

    Am I glad I found this, cannot wait to try it out!
    What weight would you say the clips will hold up to? I have some small pottery that my son has made at school that I’m thinking of hanging, do you think the Gorilla Glue will be strong enough for these?

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