weight loss motivationThis is such a true statement! Too many times I have dieted and gone off and then had the thought months later “I wonder what I’d look like if I just didn’t lose focus that last time.” It’s hard work to eat healthy and overcome weight and self-esteem issues but it’s ALWAYS worth it in the end. I ALWAYS feel so much better, happier, healthier when I’m at a decent weight. I won’t even say skinny because I feel pretty darn good being average or even a little more than average. I’ve learned over the years (and as I’m inching closer to 40) that it’s okay to have curves. Skinny doesn’t always mean attractive. So, decide what is a good weight for YOU and make a goal.  YOU GOT THIS!

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  1. I love this encouraging printable! It’s so true, the cookie is instantly gratifying… and waiting for the weight to fall can seem so slow you don’t ever taste success. But, I also find motivation when I remind myself that I even feel better and think more alertly that day when I eat healthy šŸ™‚

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