A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to do a little shopping online at Staples.com. Now, I have a Staples nearby and I go there from time to time to pick up my office supplies. I don’t know where I’ve been all this time because I never knew they sold craft supplies. Like, seriously. Some really great craft supplies! I was pleasantly surprised when I found some of my favorites.

Fabric Markers from Staples

 I tried to take some pictures of what I got so that you could see first hand what Staples has to offer by way of craft supplies.  Here we have Fabric Markers, Ultra Fine Point Sharpies (I love using them for handwritten notes and even words of phrases on tags, labels and cards) and some cool peace sign duct tape (you can’t really tell because there is a glare on the photo). My oldest daughter can’t wait to get her hands on that. She picked it out and has asked to use it to make a duct tape wallet. Ahhhh…….a girl after my own heart! She’s my Little Girl Creative!

Paper Punch from Staples

I was just about flipping out when I saw that Staples sold EK Tools paper punches. I seriously love the paper punches from EK Tools. I have several of them but was SO EXCITED to add a large scallop punch to my collection. There are those Sharpies again and some colored pencils. Pictured in the back a big package of card stock. Card stock is a must have for a crafter. I use it a lot especially when I’m making my printables. Here are a few photos where I used some of  the craft supplies that Staples offers.

DIY Wedding Favor Box Bags

I used the card stock to create these Wedding Favor Bags

Easter Labels

And I used the large scallop punch to do the labels on the top of these Easter jars.

What does any craft blogger need besides a good camera? A tripod! Picked out a nice one on my shopping spree to Staples.com and it definitely does make a difference when taking photos. I had never used one before but I love it. I see some videos in my future! I also got some ink for my printables projects AND this awesome Fiskars Rotary Cutter! Whew! My old one was on it’s last leg. So excited to have this new one!

My experience purchasing from Staples online was great. I received everything I ordered pretty quickly. Some items needed to ship separately but I was pleasantly surprised that they were delivered sooner then the estimated arrival date. Score!

Thank you, Staples, for all of this crafting goodness! Who knew you would become this crafter’s new BFF???? We’ll be seeing lots of each other!


I received compensation for this post by way of product and goods. However, all thoughts are my own and are true to my experience with Staples.

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