When I was growing up my dad used to love going junking. He knew just what neighborhoods to go to, knew when to go, etc. I remember when I was in my 20’s going out junking with him in his old pick-up truck. I used to love driving that thing too. I didn’t drive it often but every now and then I would and there was just something about it. It was an older model, probably a Chevy, white, could use some work, but driving it made me feel like a country bumpkin. But I digress…..

So, me and my sisters used to get a kick out of my dad and his junking adventures. Every time he’d bring something home we’d say “Roadside Furniture Outlet”. lol Most of our living room was from RFO.

One year my dad had picked up this dresser and decided to “modify” it (he “modifies” everything!). He took the top off the dresser, cut the dresser down to just the bottom drawer, put the top back on and voila, a coffee table. Oh I forgot to add, my dad had picked the dresser up from someone’s house that we knew from school. Anyhow, one night my sister is having a Bible study at our house and the guy whose dresser it was, was there. Afraid that he might notice on his own, we decided to tell him that our coffee table used to be his dresser. lol The guy was amazed – never even noticed because my dad had “modified” it. 😉

Okay, so having some junking in my blood, I started keeping my eye  out for something to pick up and “modify”. I came across this dresser (i soooo wish i had taken some before pictures) on my travels and decided to stop and take a look. I was happy to see that it was really good, in relatively good condition and it was light enough for me to lift up myself and bring home. I called my dad right away, totally pleased with myself that I had picked up someone’s trash.

Try and picture a dark brown dresser with worn our brass hardware on the drawers, stickers on the side and on the top. I had thought of painting it and replacing the hardware and using it in Kole’s room but decided against it when someone gave us a beautiful set of furniture for him. Then i thought i could probably pull it off putting it in our kitchen if I removed the top drawer, replaced it with baskets and painted it so that’s what I did. (And by “I” I mean my husband – he took on this project for me). Here’s the finished product.


Since our kitchen is so small this provides us with a few extra spots to hide some things like snack bags and aluminum foil, mail, office supplies, etc. Totally love how it turned out. AND adding it to the kitchen inspired me to clean! SCORE!!! 🙂

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  1. I love it! Awesome job! It looks exactly like a maple dresser that I have. I would love to paint mine white, but it’s part of my childhood bedroom set and my Mom would kill me. LOL!

  2. I like how it turned out. My other will gladly stop and pick things up from the side of the road. Me I am to scared to. There was an endtable I wanted on the side of the road and he wouldn’t go get it for me. They have the exact same one at goodwill and I want two of them. Maybe next time I see something I will have my son with me and I can get him to get it for me

  3. The Girl Creative says:

    I only picked it up because there was no one around. lol I won’t pick up too close to my house though. I haven’t gotten that bold yet. lol

  4. what a great idea! I love the cloth bins in the drawer space. Thanks for sharing! I’ve often noticed that I do the same things as what we used to make fun of my mom for doing! LOL!

  5. Looks so awsome! So creative, taking out that top drawer and putting in the Cloth(?) bins! Great idea!

  6. While She Was Sleeping says:

    Love! LoVe! LOVE! It’s beautiful!

  7. What size is the dresser?

    1. I’m not sure, Shelly. Not too big. Probably a little more than 3 feet tall.

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