Photography Help – I need some STAT!

So, a few weeks ago I got a new camera. I settled on a Canon SD500. It’s a point and shoot but it has a significant zoom and all sorts of cool settings, including Manual. I’ve heard it said so many times “Never  shoot in Auto” , “Don’t use your flash, like never, ever, ever” etc. but I honestly need to know some tips and tricks that some of you more experienced photographers (moms, bloggers with great photo taking skills) use.

I do have a few questions/statements that I need help with:

  • Is it true that you should never take photos at night?
  • Even with my ISO at my highest, it’s not bright enough without using my flash.
  • Pictures of my kids in motion (even just regular moving around while taking pictures) keep coming out blurry. 🙁
  • Has anyone who owns a decent POINT AND SHOOT camera ever read Kristen Duke’s “Say NO to Auto” and does it apply to Point and Shoot cameras?

If anyone can help me, please let me know! Feel free to leave links to some of your favorite tutorials, etc in the comments.

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  1. The only decent photos I can ever get with my point and shoot are during the day in natural light. All evening photos – with or without flash end up yellowish looking and awful. If I really need to take a photo indoors at night, I use a natural colored light bulb in a portable “thing” I have that the bulb screws into and try to find an angle that casts the least amount of shadow – but that only applies to close up shots on non-moving objects (items I list in my Etsy shop), but generally, I just wait until mid-morning to take those photos – the color is just SO much better. I do recommend replacing regular light bulbs in your house with the GE Reveal bulbs for more natural lighting, thus better indoor photos at night.

    Kids in motion…I have no advice!
    Outdoors at night…I have no advice!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. I shoot on auto with my point and shoot and get decent pictures. I do not ever use the flash. there will be times when friends turn it on and I hate those pictures. I almost always shoot on auto with my point and shoot but I have adjusted a setting that I use for night time inside that makes my pictures a little better than what auto would be. But for the most part shooting on auto with as much natural light for my point and shoot works for me. I don’t shoot on auto for my dslr though. Pictures of kids inside are super hard. Hope someone who knows more than me pipes in.

  3. Ok, maybe I’ve been really lucky, or maybe I’m just naturally better a finding the “right” lighting without really thinking about it, but I too have a point and shoot camera, a Canon SX 30 IS. It too has a significant zoom, LOTS of cool settings including manual but is still signified “p&s”. I have NEVER taken a bad picture with this camera that couldn’t be attributed to something that I or my subject did. I take pics in the auto setting all the time! I admit, I’m lazy when it comes to trying to figure things out, so this way I am TOLD by the camera if the lighting is insufficient. My camera has a setting signified by a “person in a running stance” that is for “action” shots and it’s invaluable for kids and pets pics! Even if they move the camera adjusts for that! My camera also has a “night time” setting so check yours to see if it’s available. Also if your camera didn’t come with the full manual (now most of them are on cd or available online) TAKE THE TIME TO PRINT IT OUT! Put it in a binder and refer to it often!!! Canon is great for having LOTS of answers to most of your questions and concerns in their manuals! Good luck!

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