Whistle Valentines “You Blow Me Away”

Non-candy classroom valentines are gaining popularity as the years go by and thank goodness there are no shortage of adorable ideas to suit every age group. These non-candy Whistle Valentines are fun to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. Add an adorable free printable to it and it brings the fun and cuteness to a whole new level.

Whistle Valentines | Non Candy Classroom Valentines | You Blow Me Away Valentine

Whistle Valentines

I was shopping in Walmart a few weeks ago and their Valentine’s Day section was loaded with goodies! I wanted to buy out the whole store but knew that wasn’t an option so I picked out a few favorites and got to work. If your Walmart is out of them, you can find a bunch of fun options on Amazon. A few years back I did a different version of “You Blow Me Away, Valentine” using bubbles. This year I went with lip whistles and created 2 similar but different designs.

Whistle Valentines | Non Candy Valentines | Valentine's Day Printables

Walmart sells the lip whistles for $0.98 for 4 of them. You can pick up enough packages for an entire classroom for just a few bucks.

The assembly is easy. You’ll print out the Valentine’s Day cards using the download link at the bottom of this post and cut them out. Then with an X-Acto Knife you’ll cut an X in the center of the heart so that you can stick the lips right in. Well, it’s more like a star but you get the idea. *Please note – this part should be done by an adult.

Now you have fun handmade valentines for your kids to hand out to their classmates and children with allergies can enjoy it too!

Whistle Valentines | Non Candy Classroom Valentines | You Blow Me Away Valentine

You have 2 designs to choose from but there is only one download link. Print them both or just print out the page you need. I recommend printing these Whistle Valentine’s out onto white card stock.

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