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Summer Picnic foods

The month of July often makes us want to spend these sunny summer days outdoors at the beach, or park. Lazy days where it’s too hot to cook dinner in the kitchen are perfect for planning a picnic or backyard bar-b-que. Most of the recipes in this round-up can easily be made ahead of time so that on picnic day, all you have to do it pack up and go! Enjoy a beautiful day outside with your family and friends, or a romantic date for two. Read on for some fun picnic ideas that goes beyond the typical PB&J sammies!

Get ready for some delciousness!!

repurposed vintage picnic

To start off your picnic right, the perfect picnic basket is a must-have! Take a look at this DIY repurposed vintage picnic basket, and keep an eye out for a vintage basket that needs a little TLC at your local yard sales and thrift shops. (via Debbiedoo’s )

printable picnic bags

The family will get a kick out of having their lunches individually packed in these printed lunch bags with clip-on utensils. Fun and cute for picnic-style wedding receptions, too! (via Oh Happy Day! )

layered picnic sandwich

Let this French summer picnic sandwich sit in the fridge overnight, and slice it before you leave for the park. Its colorful layers and delicious blend of flavors are sure to impress the sandwich lovers! (via Lavender and Lovage )

picnic kabobs

What better way to get the kids involved in picnic food prep than having them build their own picnic-on-a-stick? They can choose their favorite sandwich, fruits, and veggies so there will be no disappointed picnickers once you get where you’re going. (via Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me )

strawberry lemonade

Strawberry Meyer Lemonade Spritzer is a refreshing, lip-smacking drink your picnicking crowd will love! Be sure to pack a few Mason jars for proper laid-back sipping. (via u Try it )

coconut cole slaw

This Crunchy Coconut Cole Slaw is perfect for all those popular luau themed bar-b-ques! The addition of coconut and pineapple give this dish the right amount of (via Immaculate Bites )

s'mores bars

Just because you can’t roast marshmallows at your picnic, doesn’t mean you can’t have S’mores! These S’mores Bars bring the ultimate outdoor summer treat to your picnic… without the open flame! (via Cleverly Inspired )

picnic pizza rolls

Picnic Pizza Rolls will be gobbled up in no time at any picnic where there are kids, or kids at heart! They are a unique treat that everyone will enjoy. (via Devour, The Blog: Cooking Channel )

salad in a jar

Salad in a Jar is all the picnicking rage right now! Fast and easy to assemble, and best if left in the fridge over night to marinate. (via Espacio Culinario)

vegetarian bit sandwich

This vegetarian Smokey “BLT” Sandwich will please the meatless picnic goers, and keep the meat eaters satisfied. Chances are, with the combination of flavor and hearty ingredients, meat eaters won’t even notice! (via Country Living )

berry ice cubes

When hosting a back yard bar-b-que, everyone looks for easy, original foods to serve. Lemonade Spritzer with Berry Ice Cubes is all of that! A simple lemonade spritzer is the perfect refreshing drink for thirsty guests, and the berry ice cubes are easy to make, yet impressive looking. (via  Just Putzing Around the Kitchen )

goaat cheese potato salad

Potato salad is a tradition at picnics, and usually we have mom or grandma’s famous recipe that we can’t live without. Try shaking things up a little with some amazing Tangy Smashed Potato Salad with Goat Cheese! (via Nourish Network )

blueberry pie in a jar

The perfect ending to a perfect picnic lunch in the park… Lattice-Top Blueberry Pie in a Jar! How amazed everyone will be when you pull these out of the picnic basket, just when they think lunch couldn’t get any better. (via Babble )

Enjoy these lazy days outdoors with the family. Invite some friends on a picnic lunch and play Frisbee in the park. Take that romantic date for two on a moonlit picnic by the lake. Eat the food you love and make the memories that last a lifetime. That, after all, is what picnicking is all about.

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  1. This is an amazing round up!! Im off to make some stuff for our picnic! thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Hope you had a great picnic, Helen! I love picnic foods. So many ways to get creative!

  2. That vegetarian BLT Sandwich is amazing! My son isn’t a big meat eater, so I made it for one of our picnics this summer and he munched it down.

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