Free Product Mockups for SVG Cut Files and Digital Designs

Product Mockups for SVG Cut Files are the best thing to EVER happen to digital designers. I’m sharing 8 original FREE Product Mockups by yours truly along with tips and tricks on how to use them and where to shop if you can’t find the one you need for free.

Collage Photo of FREE Product Mockups

Have you ever felt like you’re the only craft blogger in the world who never seems to have any time to work on Cricut and Silhouette projects, take awesome photographs and put them into a blog post? I have been there, done that and it’s not a fun place to be.

Free Product Mockups for SVG Cut Files and Digital Designs

A few years ago that all changed for me when I discovered a wonderful little thing called mockups; also referred to as flat lays or styled photography.

We all know that Pinterest is queen and photography is king so the pressure is on to only share photos that are pin-worthy. That pressure many times has kept me from sharing my designs.

Grey Shirt with Wreath Mockup

Another problem I had was lack of space to store all of the items I’d accumulated for the sole purpose of sharing my designs on real products.

Enter mockups. Talk about a godsend. Not only could I design SVGs for Cricut and Silhouette but I could also showcase those designs on real items while saving myself time and money. It was a total win-win situation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term SVG or are looking to download some FREE Cut Files for Cricut and Silhouette, check out THIS POST. It’s loaded with resources.

what is a mockup

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about mockups maybe you are still wondering what in the world is a mockup?

A mockup is a flattened image of a blank product usually showcased on solid or minimalist background. Often you’ll see a few photo props surrounding the main item (shirt, tote bag, mug, tumbler, etc.) just to give it a more authentic and realistic look.

For example, in many shirt mockups you’ll see a pair of jeans and/or shoes. In a baby onesie mockup you might see a stuffed animal, toy or a cute little pair of shoes..

Baby Onesie Blank for Girl

how to insert a design onto a mockup

In order to use a mockup and insert a design onto it, you will need some form of photo editing software that uses layers. Inkscape is a great free program that has this capability. I personally use Corel Paint Shop Pro most of the time. You can also use a mockup in Silhouette Studio.

how to use a mockup in silhouette studio

Since I’m a Silhouette Cameo user I’ll show you real quick how to use a mockup in Silhouette Studio. If you’re a visual learner watch the video below HERE on YouTube. If not, here are the simple steps to using a mockup in Silhouette Studio.

how to add a design to a mockup image in silhouette studio

Using a mockup photo or flat lay image in Silhouette Studio is a very simple process. Follow below for step by step instructions with screenshots that will make this very easy to understand.

Step 1: Open your mockup image in Silhouette Studio by using File, open and then locating the image on your hard drive. Once it’s opened you will most likely need to resize the mockup down a bit by dragging the corners and moving it to the workspace. You do NOT have to worry about the image fitting inside the red lines on your screen/mat.

Mockup image with zipper pouch

Step 2: Add your svg file on top of your mockup by choosing File-Merge from the menu and locate your file on your computer. By using MERGE instead of OPEN your design will open right on top of your mockup in the same window/tab in Silhouette Studio.

Step 3: Resize and position your design where you’d like it to appear on the product blank in your mockup image.

Step 4: Select both the mockup and the design. Now go to File>Save Selection> Save to Hard Drive and save to the location of your choice on your computer. Now your mockup is ready to use in your Esty shop or blog post.

free mockups

Now that you know what a mockup is and how to use one in Silhouette Studio, I suppose you want to find out where to get the best FREE Mockups, right?

Collage Photo of 8 Product Mockups

Fill out the box below and your download of 8 original FREE mockups will begin. Full Disclosure: I’m not a photographer. These images aren’t perfect. Use at your own risk. ;)You may use these mockups to showcase products in your Etsy shop or small business but you may NOT share, sell or redistribute the images.

In this free mockup download you’ll receive 2 zipper pouch mockups, 2 t-shirt mockups, a tote bag mockup, 2 onesie mockups and 1 canvas treat bag mockup. These are great starter mockups for those that are just getting their feet wet with digital designs and using flat lay images.

where can i get free mockups?

There are many sites where you can get free mockups from. Here’s a short list of links for you to visit to grab free mockups and build up your mockup library.

Winter Frame Mockups | We Lived Happily Ever After

Free Mug Mockup – Caluya Designs

Canvas Banner Mockup | Design Bundles

Free Shirt Mockup | Creative Tacos

Free Shirt Mockup | Design Bundles

the best mockups on etsy

I’ve been buying mockups for a few years now on Etsy and there are a few shops that I love and frequent. For a few dollars you can get beautiful high resolution flat lay mockup images to display your digital design on.

Many shops offer regular sales and some even have Facebook groups where members get discount coupon codes.

I put my personal stamp of approval on these Etsy shops for mockups.

Southern Market Designs – SMD is my all time FAVORITE Etsy shop to purchase sign mockups. If I’m sharing a sign SVG you can be sure that I’m displaying the design a sign mockup from Southern Market Designs. The owner has a Facebook group where she offers discount codes and she even takes requests. She’s fantastic.

Hollymocks – I discovered Hollymocks around the holidays. I was instantly smitten with her mockups and her design style. If you’re looking for tshirt or sweatshirt mockups then Hollymocks is where you want to shop.

Fleurdesolei Designz – I’ve been shopping at Fleurdesolei Designz for a few years now. I have a quite a few of their mockups in my mockup collection. If you’re looking for clothing mockups then you’ll want to favorite this shop.

Blissful Mocks – Blissful Mocks is another mockup shop that I love to support. Their style is original and trendy and their flat lay images always catch my eye. Plenty of shirt, sweatshirt and mug mockups to choose from.

These are just a few of my favorite Etsy shops but there is no shortage of others if you just do a quick search for “mockups”. Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know!


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