Printable monthly calendars are perfect for keeping track of, well everything. From doctor appointments to college assignment due dates, having a monthly calendar that you can print and mark up is perfect for everyone. Grab this free printable March 2022 Calendar below.

If organization and keep tracking of daily or weekly to-dos doesn’t come easy to you, this blank monthly calendar for March will help.

March 2022 Calendar

Take a few minutes to transfer appointments, plans and schedules from your favorite calendar app to pen and paper.

Hang your printable calendar on your fridge or in your office so that you always have your important dates at your fingertips.

You may be thinking the year is already 2 months underway, what’s the point in trying to get organized now. Well, there’s no time like the present so taking things one month at a time is not a bad way to start.

March 2022 Calendar

It takes 30 days to form a new habit so by the end of March, you will realize how easy it was to keep on top of tasks and important dates. Hopefully it will inspire you to come back and print a calendar for April and the rest of the year.


If you’re a blogger and you are stumped on what to blog about, I have a little secret for you. Do some research on obscure and bizarre holidays for the month you’re in and I guarantee you will some some new, fresh content ideas.

Here are some popular March dates and some random ones too!

  • March 1 – Mardi Gras, National Pig Day, Peanut Butter Lovers Day
  • March 2 – Ash Wednesday, Old Stuff Day
  • March 3 – Caregiver Appreciation Day, If Pets Had Thumb Days
  • March 4 – World Day of Prayer
  • March 5 – Multiple Personality Day
  • March 6 – National Oreo Cookie Day
  • March 7 – National Cereal Day
  • March 8 – National Proofreading Day
  • March 9 – Barbie Day, Get Over It Day
  • March 10 – Popcorn Lovers Day
  • March 11 – Johnny Appleseed Day
  • March 12 – International Fanny Pack Day
  • March 13 – Ear Muff Day
  • March 14 – Pi Day, National Potato Chip Day
  • March 15 – Buzzard’s Day, Everything You Think is Wrong Day
  • March 16 – Everything You Do is Right Day
  • March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

Check out Holiday Insights for more fun obscure holidays to celebrate during the second half of March.


To download this free printable March calendar, all you need to do is click the button below and the printable PDF will open right up. Print it in color or in black and white from your home or office printer and you’ll be on your way.

March 2022 Calendar

If you love organizational printables, you will LOVE this Free Planner Printable I shared in January.

Daily and Weekly Planner Pages

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