DIY Lightning Bug Jar Craft

Hey there TGC readers! It’s Ellora from over at Creatively Southern here again to share a fun summertime craft that everyone can enjoy, especially the kiddos!  We are making DIY Bug Jars!

One of my favorite things about summertime is watching the magical light show of lightning bugs in the trees on a warm summer evening. I remember as a kid catching my own lightning bugs in small jars and those memories inspired me to have a little bug jar craft time with my own daughter. To make your own DIY bug jars, you will need :

  • a small jar with lid (I used 8 ounce size Ball jars)
  • hammer & large nail or a mesh screen
  • foam stickers or cutouts and Tacky Glue
  • craft paint

I used foam letters and stickers to decorate the jars. All of the cutouts and stickers came from Michael’s craft store, and I just glued them to the jar. I painted the lids to match the jar. I painted one of the lids red with black polka dots to make it look like a lady bug! (For my little lady) 😉

After painting the lid, use the hammer and nail to punch 5-6 holes in the top of the lid for ventilation. My jar lids are two piece, so I glued them together to make it easy for little hands to remove.

If you want a more open style lid, cut a circle of mesh screen to fit the mouth of the jar. Remove the inside piece of the lid and replace it with the mesh screen. Glue the mesh to the lid so it is easy for kids to remove the top.

The kids will have fun decorating their jars and the fun continues when it’s time to collect their bug friends!

Remember when catching your bugs to be gentle and provide ventilation in the jars. You can place a moist paper towel in the jar with some grass to keep them from drying out. Don’t keep lightning bugs in the jar for more than a day or two. You’ll want to let them back out at night when you’re done so you can enjoy all their magical light without causing harm. Here’s to another fun summer evening activity!

Hope you’ll stop by and visit me over at Creatively Southern or connect with me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram!

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  1. Love this! Takes me back to my own childhood. Can’t wait til my sweetie is old enough to do things like this! Thanks for sharing.

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