31 Days of Weight Loss Motivation Printables

Over the past few years I’ve seen those 31 Days of ______ posts around blog land and have always wondered what it was all about and how I could be a part of it. Well, one of my good bloggy friends Rachelle from Fingerprints on the Fridge was talking about it on Facebook the other day and she told me where I could find out more about it. The idea originated over at the Nesting Place blog and this year I decided to join in. Basically you are committing to blog for 31 days in a row on one particular topic. You can find out ALL of the details HERE.

31 Weight Loss Motivation Sayings

I have to admit the idea of committing to an entire month of blogging worries me a bit. I am  your typical “all good intentions” girl but when it comes down to it, I often give up before I ever complete anything. Just ask my husband. I *start* a lot of things but rarely finish what I started. And that has been very true of my weight loss journey (among many other things). I lose weight, I gain weight. I get skinny. I get fat. I get up early to exercise. I don’t get up early to exercise. BUT….this is one area that I’m ready to overcome once and for all so I figured I would commit to sharing 31 Weight Loss Motivation printables that will not only motivate me to stick with it but to motivate anyone else who is struggling.

I hope you will stop by each day and grab your FREE weight loss motivation printable. By the end of the month you will have 31 4×6 sayings that you can print out, laminate and stick on a ring to take with you wherever you go. That’s my plan anyway!

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. I will be certainly following along. could always use a little extra motivation, inspiration.

  2. love these printables! Some of them seem to be missing from the site tho šŸ™ only have til day 19.

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